Movie Review: The Tree of Life

I may be late in reviewing this movie and there’s a reason why.     I first watched this movie last fall getting to the halfway point before giving up.   I’m not saying I didn’t like what I was seeing, I just wasn’t prepared at that point to watch a movie like this, it wasn’t my moment.     I waited a little while and finally got the chance to see it again. This time I did finish it and took my time to digest the whole experience as it takes a while to dig in to what just transpired.   First off I must say that the movie is gorgeous, its visually stunning and artistic.   That aside it is also a beautiful experience from start to finish, it takes a little patience at first, but once y0u get in to the rhythm of the flick you are in for a movie unlike anything you’ve seen.   The Tree of Life is a worthy contender for Best Picture of the year and if it was truly based on the art form of cinema this would certainly win by a landslide.
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