Movie Review: Life of Pi

Every now and then comes a movie that really moves you.  A movie that makes you think about your beliefs, convictions and direction in life.  Life of Pi based on the book by Yan Martel, is a movie about hope, not giving up, belief in divinity of any kind, love and friendship.    Many filmmakers dream of making a movie as touching as this one.   Ang Lee, Taiwanese director, once again proves why he belongs in the upper echelon in his class.   He demonstrates how a simple narrative can become an inspiring one.   Life of Pi doesn’t have a overly complex plot like say, Cloud Atlas, yet it manages to touch your soul in manners that the latter wished for.      As a film, its masterful.  Music is beautiful, screenplay is exquisitely put together and it’s visuals, oh it’s visuals!  It’s one of the most stunningly beautiful films of the decade.  The use of 3D by Ang Lee is what I would imagine it would be if put in the hands of an artist.  Much like Hugo last year, Life of Pi uses 3D to immerse you in to the film in ways that a regular movie can’t.  You feel that you’re inside of it.

As a fan of Science Fiction and Adventure this movie fills my needs.   At first it reminded me way too much of Forrest Gump.  Many will ask how, if thematically its as different as land and sea.  It’s more in a spiritual emotional way, Forrest Gump employs a sense of humor and lightness much like Life of Pi.   Continue reading

The Republika’s Song Of The Day: Placebo – Special K

Good morning world, I give to you a performance from 2003 recorded in Paris, from one of the most under acknowledged bands  ever, Placebo fronted by the great Brian Molko,  Enjoy