Metallica turns 30 Years.

The unlikely happened, a band that wasn’t supposed to be successful just turned 30 years beating all odds and expectations.    In their early days Metallica was handicapped without the possibility of getting their music to radio stations because it was perceived as too loud or noisy.    They could only promote themselves with hand-to-hand cassette trading or just plain word of mouth.  They had to impress with great live performances if they wanted to have a shot at success; so they did their best in sharpening their instrument playing to the point that they were flawless on stage.     Bassist Cliff Burton, the older of the bunch was probably the most talented at the time and made sure the rest of his band mates would catch up to him.   Burton teached James Hetfield the style that has made him famous and both combined to make one of the best guitar duos in the history of rock.
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The Metallica game that never was… or should not be

Back when St. Anger was released, there were some copies of the album that included this lame trailer of a car driving/shooting game featuring Metallica.   It was inspired by the lyrics of some of the bands songs and was supposed to come out for the Playstation 2, fortunately it didn’t and rid us of many years of pain and suffering.