Movie Review: Pearl Jam Twenty

As Kurt Cobain said, at first i didn’t like them, they were all that was wrong with music, but now i think they are actually a pretty cool band.    Back in the early 90′s change was all that we were hearing.   Nirvana came along and challenged the likes of Guns N’ Roses and Metallica, rock’s biggest acts.     It came along with a fresh aggressive punkish new way, leaving complexity aside and concentrating on bringing the pure experience of music to the masses.   Along them, the Seattle music movement was growing and moving along them.   Bands like Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden led the way.    The death of Mother Love Bone’s Lead singer Andrew Wood’s left Seattle’s music scene in shock, and completely changed the tracks of music history.  Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament would recluit Eddie Vedder from San Diego to continue Andrew Wood’s legacy, in their new band Mookie Blaylock.  At this point Pearl Jam was born.
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