Win Olympic Gold, Pay the IRS.









U.S. Olympic medal winners will owe up to $9,000 to the IRS.

We crunched the numbers and have gone through the fine print to find out what the US Olympians will have to cough up to the IRS should they be lucky enough to win any medals in London.

Even by the standards of the US government, the numbers are insane.

For instance: Americans who win bronze will pay a $2 tax on the medal itself. But the bronze comes with a modest prize—$10,000 as an honorarium for devoting your entire life to being the third best athlete on the planet in your chosen discipline. And the IRS will take $3,500 of that, thank you very much.

  Medal tax Prie tax Total tax Burden












There are also prizes that accompany each medal: $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver, and $10,000 for bronze.

Silver medalists will owe $5,385. You win a gold? Timothy Geithner will be standing there with his hand out for $8,986.

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Controversy around Mexico’s presidential elections


Three days after Mexico’s citizens calmly voted for the future of their country, an air of controversy is still being felt, mainly initiated by leftist losing party’s candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Most of the allegations are very similar of the ones he made in 2006 when he lost by the minimum margin to current president Felipe Calderon. Mexican citizens have grown tired of this kind of behavior and just want to move on. The country has bigger problems to attend than dealing with a man that will never be satisfied with the decision until he wins. Mexico is a country that’s been heavily crippled by a war against the cartels that has produced around 60,000 deaths in the current administration alone. This toll weighted big in the voters mind and it was reflected in the results. Continue reading

Eurozone Seals 2nd Greek Bailout Worth €130 Billion


Source: Reuters

Euro zone finance ministers approved on Tuesday a second bailout for debt-laden Greece that will resolve Athens’ immediate repayment needs but seems unlikely to revive the nation’s shattered economy.

After a marathon 12 hours of talks through the night, euro zone officials said ministers had agreed measures to cut Greece’s debt to around 121 percent of gross domestic product by 2020, close to their original target of 120, after negotiators for private bondholders offered to accept a bigger loss to help plug the funding gap.
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Google to adquire Motorola


Reuters is reporting that Google has practically been given the green light by the the Department of Justice for their $12.5 billion dollar adquisition of mobile behemoth Motorola. At least we now know that their August proposal is now a done deal and we can start speculating at the possibilites for the internet/mobile giant. One of the benefits of this buy is that Google is now owner of more than 17k patents. It is said that for the protection of their powerful Android OS it only needs 18 of them. Nice move!