Xkeyscore: Another Snowden leak


Edward Snowden leaked more than we thought. The Guardian has just reported that the NSA uses a program called Xkeyscore that can practically see eveything you do and have ever done online without prior permission, court order, signed over the dotted line or whatever. This practically puts all your private conversations, search info, chat, emails and browsing on the hands of the NSA. Where does the privacy invasion end? It seems there’s more to it than what meets the eye. How will this affect foreign relations? What confidence do the people of this country have that their government is doing the right thing? Time will tell.

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Today the earth is the farthest away from the sun it will be all year


Today is the day the earth is farthest away from the sun that it will be all year. Yeah, you read that right. So all of you saying that it’s as hot as if the sun was right in front of you couldn’t be more wrong. The distance the sun and the earth are during a year vary only in 3%. The reason it’s hotter in this time of year has to do with the tiling of the earth rather than the distance it is from the sun.

Soon you’ll be able to use Electronics in Airplanes all the time


The FAA is finally putting to rest the idea that using electronic devices on board will disturb communication airport machines.   Current tech gadgets use so little energy that there is little to no chance that they would interfere with communication between Airport control towers and airplanes that are flying at lower than 10,000 ft.   The FAA will analyze this in order to make a formal announcement that we well be finally be able to use our iPod throughout the length of our flight.    The funny thing is that as of now you can use recorders and electronic razors, which use a lot more energy than say an iPad, yet you cant put your iPhone on airplane mode.  This will thankfully change soon.


PRI returns to Mexico after 12 year absence


As most countries are moving forward around the world, Mexico seems to think that looking back at their past is their best choice. Today marks the return of the PRI, a party that ruled Mexico for 72 consecutive years until Vicente Fox and the PAN finally took them off the podium in 2000. PAN couldn’t keep the presidency this time around as public perception of Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico for the 2006-2012 term, was focused on the quantity of people killed in the war against violence. PRI took advantage of this and built a new face for their party much like PAN did in 2000 with Fox. They used a young governor, who’s good looks and presence charmed both women and men. Enrique Peña Nieto didn’t go in as easily as PRI expected as Leftist Party PRD’s own Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had his say. He believed that he was framed for a second timed, first against Calderon and now against Peña. The future for the country is still in the air. Many countries around the world are still asking themselves why would Mexico want the party that put them in the position they are today to govern them once again. It’s a question that only Mexicans can answer. Lets hope for the best.