Homeland Season 3 Premier Review


When Homeland started 2 years ago people and credits loved it.  It was a realistic take on the problems the U.S. Government and the C.I.A. face in the post 9/11 era.    An American Soldier who allegedly turned coming back to his home soil with the potential terrorist attack in stake..   Homeland’s first season was critically acclaimed, Damien Lewis and Claire Danes won all sorts of awards for their brilliant performances as Brody and Carrie, unseating beloved dramas like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.   Season 2 wasn’t as successful, the novelty that made the first season a hit was gone and they had to rely on pure quality which wasn’t all there.   The adventures of Senator Brody and now Ex-Agente Carrie went south with some story telling gimmicks that didn’t fit well with the realism set by the first season.  Many fans felt that it was a little bit too much when the Vice President was killed via remote control to stop his heart.   That moment alone brought many laughs to many critics.   It managed to win back fans with a final episode that made more sense and set an intriguing storyline for the next season.      Now, as the third season starts we are left with a series the seriously needs a strong start in order to continue in the minds of its fans. Continue reading

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Breaking Bad ‘Felina’ Series Finale Review


Well, Its finally over.  Breaking Bad concludes in a manner which puts it up there with the very best TV Dramas in History.  It needed a finale like this in order to be considered in this selected group.   The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad might be the best series in the history of television, and Walter White’s story might top them all.    It was that good.   5 Seasons was all it took to get to the end, the perfect amount of episodes if you consider most series fall after they finish their 4th to 5th season.    *Series Spoilers Ahead*   Continue reading

Breaking Bad – ‘Granite State’ Review


One more to go!   Breaking Bad’s final season is turning out to be one of the best in TV history.   Even if you don’t follow the show, you know it must be good.  Everybody’s talking about it, its winning awards and its just everywhere.   With Dexter’s finale being such a disappointment, all eyes are on Breaking Bad’s final episode next week.    Granite State was an episode that didn’t want to conclude anything.  It just set up the inevitable ending.  Most of us have a pretty good idea where its going.   Its going to be explosive,  dramatic, probably shocking and way awesome!      Walter White’s demise has been a fun ride, yet its been a sad tale that is hard to watch.  We all know Walt is not a bad guy at heart but his bad decisions have led him and the ones surrounding him in to this painful result.   This episode brings us the dark side of bad decisions and its outcome. *ALL KIND OF SPOILERS AHEAD* Continue reading

Breaking Bad “Buried” Review


Another awesome episode in what now looks as a great second part to the final season.     It was good to see exactly where things are headed as early as this.  I hated the final season of Lost because they didn’t pace it well enough leaving all the answers until the last two episodes.  Having 16 episodes to finish out a series is more than enough time to give us all the answers we as an audience are expecting.    Breaking Bad is ending the best way a series can end: concluding every single plot point.   Having this kind of episode was very important for the series, and it was fitting to have it as early as this.   We get to see who’s on who’s side.  *SPOILERS AHEAD* Continue reading