Curiosity lands on mars

After many years of planning a perfect execution was made today when the SUV size rover landed safely on the surface of mars. Nasa is excited to see what images are going to be sent back to earth in the next months.


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Today’s pic is one of my favorite new sides, even though I’ve gone to many state and county fairs I had never tried fried portobello. Although at ochomella restaurant its has a better presentation than your average fair. Portobello fries and aioli. Delicious!

Foodie Pic of the Day: Artisan Sourdough Bread

Today’s foodie pic comes from our friend Mr. Jeronimo Gutierrez  from Texas. Where for the last year he has been perfecting at home his bread making skills. The picture is an artisan sourdough bread he made for his family, sourdough starter and a very very slow fermentation to get that authentic sourdough taste. Congrats to our foodie Jeronimo. And dont forget to send in your foodie pic to