Talk about crashing a party… a luxury car party that is…

You don’t get to read this type of news that often, just picture it: Eight Ferraris, three Mercedes-Benz’p, a Lamborghini and two Toyotas all piled up after crashing on the same road.

This happened yesterday in Japan, being one of those unlikely blows to insurance companies that they wish never would’ve happened. A nighmare for sure, but one that needs to be taken care of. Here’s the link to the BBC’s news report .

We just hope they all had insurance. Drive safe!

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The Canon C300 test video you have to see…

Most of us are familiar with digital cameras, both for stills and video right? Well, maybe you’ve seen a trend in regards to the use of DSLR’s for shooting video. Consumer grade cameras and phones started having video capabilities more than 4 years a go, but around 3 years a go both Nikon and Canon (to mention the strongest contenders in this realm) started to bring to the market, DSLR cameras that shot stunning imagery, with a combination of big sensors (almost analogous to 35mm film size) and good optics one can shot creatively and commercially (with all its limitations) great videos and even digital films.
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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera…

I just came upon this video (thru a post from Panasonic) of a very cool panoramic camera. The camera is basically a ball with mobile phone cameras inside of it, when the user throws the ball in the air, when it gets to its highest point the ball cameras take a snap and you have a panoramic picture.

Fun stuff, fun technology in your hands.

Check the video out.

Imagine a world without The Simpsons

The Simpsons might get canceled.

Last week I heard about the possibility of the long run animated show “The Simpsons” might not be produced anymore.

The reason, according to this Routers article, is that the studio needs to cut down on the shows production costs and that would mean cutting the principal voice character’s salary of 8 million dollars per season (around 22 weeks of production) to a poor 4 million dollars.

The show is currently running their 23rd season, if no arrangements are done between the voice actors and the studio, it’s quite possible the show will be canceled.

** update: the show was signed for two more seasons.

A free trip to Japan?


Do it Japanese style...

A free trip to Japan? Well, maybe if this goes through and you are selected.

The Japanese government in order to help the Japanese tourism industry recover, has announced a 1.1 billion project that would pay for round trips n 2012 to Japan for around 10,000 people.

You will have to fill out an online form on the Japanese Tourism Board’s website and also include your itinerary. More information will be available soon on their site, but just imagine, a free round trip airfare to Japan paid by their government… sweet!