Boxing News: Golovkin, Mayweather and Ortiz

Gennady Golovkin stayed busy during the weekend fighting in Monaco and registering another predictable knockout.   Everybody knew he was going to win and everybody expected him to do it the way he did.   Now as our good friend Chris Rock used to say in his stand up act: you shouldn’t be praised for doing what you’re supposed to do.  If this is the case, why are we talking about GGG so much?  Why is everybody so in love with the Middleweight Puncher?   Should he be commended for doing what he’s supposed to do?  Well, in this day  and age when elite boxers fight once or twice a year, we need to acknowledge a guy who does it the old school way.   Gennady Golovkin is fighting at least 4 times a year despite HBO not being able to cover all of his fights.     He doesn’t care if he doesn’t get paid the big checks every time he steps in to the ring.  Much like Julio Cesar Chavez and James Toney did back in the early 90′s, they stay sharp and in shape by fighting every two to three months.     James Toney fought an average of 6 times a year from 1990 to 1996, that includes his championship run at middle and super middleweight, often fighting non-title fights to keep himself active.   Julio Cesar Chavez fought an average of 5 times a year in the same period of time, his most popular as a fighter.  Not all of his fights where aired by HBO or Showtime.  Some weren’t even aired in the U.S., much like GGG’s fight this past Saturday.


Nobody really cared that much because those were stay-busy fights against second tier opponents.  Much of those fights were scheduled for 10 rounds and were non-title bouts.   Imagine if he would’ve used all of those fights as title bouts?  His record in world championship fights would be  52-3-1, a larger number than Floyd Mayweather’s whole career record!    Gennady Golovkin is following his idol’s footsteps not only in his style of fighting but in the way he manages his career.   Fighters of old are often compared favorably to today’s fighters because of their activity.  Remember, fighting more times not only means that a fighter is always in shape and in his weight, it also means that he faces more variety in opponents.  Every man you step in to the ring against presents a different style, situation, pressure, opportunity to lose, and more.   No man is the same and even if a fighter seems that he can beat anybody, there is always some tough MF out there that can take your punch and beat you.    GGG is doing the right thing and he should be applauded.


Mayweather is making fun of everybody once again by disrespecting other people’s time and money to get all the attention he can get.   Like Larry Holmes was quoted saying back in the 80′s when people asked him about Mike Tyson, it doesn’t matter because the man will end up broke and in jail.    Seriously, Floyd has toyed once again with one of his possible opponents by making him believe he was next in line to fight him.  Amir Khan stepped out of a fight against Devon Alexander to concentrate on a fight with Money Mayweather only to now be counting on his fans to vote for him in Floyd’s latest joke to date:  a poll to select his next opponent.   Ever since Marcos Maidana destroyed Floyd’s little brother’s last December there have been talks of him being the next in line to fight the pound for pound champion.    Marcos Maidana is a better opponent than Khan of course, but he isn’t a better draw, at least in the U.K. he isn’t.   Remember, even if Amir isn’t a well known fighter here in the U.S., he is a very well known athlete back in the U.K.   British fans aren’t stupid though, they know Khan isn’t the best opponent for Floyd, but still, they will tune in and pay a lot of money to see him lose.   Floyd knows this, Showtime knows it, Golden Boy knows it and they’ll cash in as much money as they can while they have Floyd with them.


It seems we’ve seen the last of Victor Ortiz.  Vicious has been a fighter that has given us a lot of thrills in the ring in his short career.   His fight against Mayweather was by far the most entertaining fight Floyd has been involved in in the last 5 years.   He gave Floyd a good fight for three rounds before imploding himself out of the fight.   His losses all have been via the way of quitting.  Against Marcos Maidana he basically said he didn’t deserve to get punished that way at such a young age.  Against Josesito Lopez he quit on his stool because he had a broken jaw and this past Thursday on Fox Sports he basically quit when he received the first hard punch of the night in the hands of light punching Luis Collazo.    Victor is not suited for this though sport, he is a good athlete and should concentrate on another activity other than the sport of pugilism.  He is a good looking lad that can easily enter the entertainment business.  He already has and should pursue a career as an actor/dancer or whatever he wants.  Boxing is not for him.


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