Mayweather fighting Kahn only makes financial sense


Amir Kahn is almost a sure bet to face unbeaten pound for pound king and main moneymaker of the sport today, Floyd Mayweather.     Many think this is about as absurd a fight as any in recent memory.  Amir Kahn doesn’t have a significant victory let alone a good showing in the past two years, losing to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia in the way.  He doesn’t even campaign at the 147 pound division and yet he is given the ultimate price of fighting for the millions against Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

This doesn’t make any sense sports wise, yet in a strange sort of way, it makes more financial sense than any other fight against anybody not named Manny Pacquiao.      England is a big market for boxing and Amir Kahn is a highly touted native of the island.   Fighting against a well known once prospect englishman will almost guarantee good ratings and buys for this fight, making the fight purses doable.     Floyd Mayweather’s record breaking deal with Showtime that may pass the $200 million mark once all things said and done, needs money big name fights.   He can’t afford to fight the number one contender of the division just because he needs to defend the title.  This contender must have a following and be able to produce high numbers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Showtime’s deal is like if NBS, CBS and FOX would’ve only need high rating games for the NFL and only used rivalries for the Super Bowl passing the playoffs just because the teams that won didn’t make sense for the ratings.   Against Kahn, he’s facing a well known name in England that at least may guarantee a million buys for the fight.     Showtime learned the hard way when they put Floyd Mayweather against unknown Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero last May.  The fight ended up making a nice 850 k buys, good for any other event, yet not got enough to get Floyd’s guaranteed 32 million dollar purse.    They next faced overmatched Canelo Alvarez, and produced the biggest money maker in the history of the sport.

With Canelo out of the way, the quality of opponents that make good ratings and pay per view buys has come down to two (not counting Miguel Cotto): Manny Pacquiao and Amir Kahn.  We all know the Pacquiao fight is probably never going to happen, so we’re left with the underachieving low quality Kahn.     We can’t blame Floyd for this.  This is the way the boxing world operates these days.    This is the network and promoters fans who haven’t been able to produce more stars to work as B-Sides for their top dogs.    They haven’t been able to make sufficient fights in open networks and other outlets to make some fighters household names.   Golden Boy and Top Rank are who to blame.   Floyd is a fighter who’s trying to get the most out of their pockets before he retires and ends up like most athletes in most sports, bankrupt.

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