Chargers fall to a new low


The San Diego Chargers franchise have fallen to a new low. After going down to the Broncos last week in embarrasing fashion the San Diego team is now involved in a new scandal. After letting the Broncos mount the single biggest comeback in monday night football history, leading by 24 at the half and giving away 35 unanswered points, they are now being investigated by the league for an alleged sticky substance found in a bag of one of the equipment men. This substance was used around the league in the 70’s and since has been banned as it gives unfair advantages to the players.

It is clear that the Chargers needed more than this to beat out the inspired Broncos and only worstened their situation by being caught with this cheating tool. They will probably face sinie fines and lose a draft pick. Shame on the Chargers and their staff. There is no doubt in my mind that they will fire coach Norv Turner come the end of the season as the fans and media are unsatisfied with his performance.

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