Movie Review: Lawless


Oh my, What a Mess! Lawless is one of those movies I expected to be way better than it was but ended up being a corny flick that wanted to be more than it really is.   Most of its problems lie on its acting cast.   Tom Hardy as Forrest is as bad as it gets.  One of the worst things about The Dark Knight Rising is the voice of Bane, this time around Tom Hardy destroys this movie with his strange sounding voice.  It sounds so fake and over acted, I don’t know what the casting crew were thinking.   Jessica Chastain, my current favorite actress, was the main selling point for me to go watch this film and sadly she also falls in the underwhelming category for this picture.    Shia Lebouf is not ready for the big leagues as he fails to impress with his role as Jack.     Not all acting in this movie is bad as Gary Oldman and his brief appearance almost save the day.  Guy Pierce as Charles is also a very good acting job.  These guys do know how to raise a profile.

The movie is set in the Depression era where a gang that run a bootlegging operation is threatened by a new deputy who wants a cut of their profits.  The three brothers put themselves in a position to run a monopoly in the region putting themselves in a battle with deputy Charles Rakes.   Jack on the other hand is put in the middle of a situation that makes him prove his worth with Chicago mobster Floyd Banner.  He becomes cocky and overexposes himself, buying a nice car and sporting flashy clothes in order to impress a young lady.  This makes him a bigger target for the local police and puts heat on himself and his brothers.     As you may know, this movie borrows lots of things from current favorite TV show Boardwalk Empire, but fails to succeed in equaling it quality wise.

Most of the movie is a mess.  Sound is bad, music is kind of out of place and acting is not the main highlight.   It seems to me they wanted to bring in the new batch of hollywood actors to prove themselves and failed miserably.     This is why it probably ended up being released in nowhere land in between the fall season and late summer blockbusters.    Overall its not a very good movie, and should probably be skipped for rental.  It won’t stay to long in my movie memories as it mainly sucks.

SCORE 4.3 out of 10.0

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