Cristiano Ronaldo is sad. Sets alarm in Madrid


Real Madrid finally won in La Liga, but instead of having a happy moment, people are left wondering what is happening with their star striker Cristiano Ronaldo who didn’t celebrate any of his two goals because he is “sad”.

Reports coming out of Madrid suggest Cristiano has been in a deep depresion ever since Portugal lost to Spain in the Euro 2012 cup. Getting only a single point in the first two games of La
Liga didn’t help. Some say that he isn’t feeling the love by his club as many within the organization prefer Iker Casillas to win the Ballon D’Or instead of him.

Others suggest that Ronaldo wants more control. He was unhappy with the club’s treatment of close friend Kaka and would like to have a stronger word in those kinds of situations. His big ego will always be a factor. He said that he now must concentrate on bigger things, like winning with his beloved Portugal on the World Cup qualifiers this coming week.

Just like his coach, Jose Mourinho, they like to be noted, as he did this last January when he expressed his dislike in how he was treated. I dont think Ronaldo is going anywhere. He is just being the big kid he likes to be, stubborn and with little education. He needs to grow up and stop looking as dumb as he did this past weekend.

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