Breaking Bad Mid Season Finale “Gliding Over All” Spoiler Free Review


I won’t spoil it.   But its good.   Even after last weeks shocking events they needed to do something dramatic in order to keep viewers interested.  For those of us who happen to see this episode we somehow knew that after what happened last week there was only one way to bring the first half of the fifth season to an end, and it did.   Even if it didn’t shock me as much because I expected this to happen, it did surprise me how it happened.    This season has left me with a sweet and sour taste in my mouth.  It hasn’t been the best as it seems to be going all over the place, but it has had its memorable moments.   Its very difficult to go ahead with a series without a villain as good as Gus Fringe was.   They’ve managed to twist it in a way that now our hero is the bad guy.   We all knew it was going to happen, hell, the title of the series suggests it’ll happen.   It just took a little longer than expected.

Now, with the fifth season divided in two parts (why do that?) we knew that this was some sort of a mini ending.   It was a pretty good first half as it did move the series forward.  Things got clearer and events actually came along quite nicely.      The transformation Jesse, Mike and Skyler have gone through due to Walter’s acts is indeed underrated.   All three actors are superb and would be a crime not to acknowledge the for it.  Of course, Walt himself has gone from good to evil in a year and has managed to become one of the most loved villains in TV history.  As of today, with the season coming to its first half ending, we get a new view of things.   The way it ends gives you two different sides to the story that will make you once again think differently of our protagonist.

A few things noting.  Did you see the expression in Jesse’s face after the scene where Walt comes to visit?  What a great acting job by the young actor.    Todd seems to be in a very good position with Walt these days isn’t he?  They kind of think alike.     How bout the scene in Jail?  The music was perfect!  It reminded me of good old Martin Scorsese flicks.     Loved the way this episode wrapped up some story lines.   The fly, the book, Gale, the bags, everything was superbly done.  Once again, Breaking Bad’s writers prove to be some of the best in the business.   Overall an awesome episode.   Look for our in depth analysis of the first half of the season and predictions for next years second half the upcoming week.

SCORE 9.0 out of 10.0

Say My Name Score:  9.2 out of 10.0

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