Boxing Nation: Good times just ahead

Last weekend we were treated to some of the best boxing by a young rising star in a long time.   Gennady Golovkin a murderous middleweight puncher who might be the best at the 160 lbs limit, destroyed highly ranked Grzegorz Proksa in 5 rounds dropping him 3 times before the referee stopped the fight.   He was so dominant that I’m sure everybody within the middleweight limit is staying away from him.   Gennady reminded me of a young Julio Cesar Chavez, but with more power.  Every punch he threw was thrown with power, even his jab was strong as it snapped the head of poor Proksa time and time again.  His body work was also exceptional as he digged inside in order for him to open up the head for him to land his damaging right hands.    Golovkin started our month of September with a bang and only good things are scheduled to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Chad Dawson and Andre Ward headline next week’s action when the two highly regarded champions face each other for dominance in the upper middle weight classes.       Dawson is coming off his best victory of his career against legendary champion Bernard Hopkins while Andre Ward finished up the Super Six as the number one boxer beating the who is who of the super middleweight division.    Both fighters are in the bottom of the pound for pound lists and if the win is clear and dominant, one of them might crack the top 5.     Some are saying that this is the most boring fight boxing can give us since Timothy Bradley faced Devon Alexander.   I don’t care if the fight is going to be boring, I just want the best fighters to face each other and prove who’s best.   You never know what the outcome will be until you fight the fights.  The good thing is that these two highly ranked fighters will settle it in the ring instead of meaningless mythical pound for pound  lists.

Chavez and Canelo will fight the same day at the same city, just not against each other and against different rivals. People know that this is the dream match of the future and nothing will be better for boxing than these two continuing on their winning streaks. Both face tough challengers next Sept 15 but Chavez has the hardest road to victory. Martinez is arguably the best fighter in the world today behind Mayweather and Pacquiao, some have ranked him above them. He is a fast boxer puncher who’s been able to stun challengers with his power shots eventually knocking them out. Canelo faces Josesito Lopez, a hard fighting jr welterweight who wants to prove himself at the jr middleweight division. Lopez will probably be competitive for some rounds before Canelo runs him down with his size and skill.

The Manny Pacquiao Sweepstakes have come down to two men: Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez.    My guess is that Marquez and Pacquiao will duke it out in Mexico City and break their own records.   They deserve it.   Both men are made for each other, and even though both maybe past their prime they deserve to make a big payday.  Mexico City boxing fans also deserve a big match.  Its been a long time since main event boxing has come to the Distrito Federal.   Its time for them to enjoy one of the best matchups in recent memory.   Pacquiao vs Bradley doesn’t make sense since Manny already convincingly beat Desert Storm.  Marquez has made a case for himself in every one of the three previous matches with him and will surely compete if they fight again.    This might not be the best choice for Pacman if he plans on facing Mayweather as he could legitimately be beat this time around and lose the opportunity to be part of the biggest fight money can make.  But, if he waits for Floyd to make up his mind, he’ll probably end up losing against a no name opponent as the twilight of his career looms.

My top 12 pound for pound list for the month of September

1.-Floyd Mayweather
2.-Manny Pacquiao
3.-Juan Manuel Marquez
4.-Sergio Martinez
5.-Vitali Klitschko
6.-Wladimir Klitschko
7.-Andre Ward
8.-Nonito Donaire
9.-Chad Dawson
10.-Carl Frotch
11.-Miguel Cotto
12.-Abner Mares

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