Soccer Results over Weekend may predict trend for this year’s leagues

Over the course of the last weeks we saw some of the best teams in the world debut in their own respected leagues proving once again their worth to world championship soccer.    Barcelona and Real Madrid probably the two best teams in the world, already faced each other in the first of two games of the Super Copa that puts La Liga BBVA champion vs the winner of La Copa del Rey.   This time around Barcelona and Madrid were conveniently matched up once again to put all eyes of the football world on that particular field.   The game which was once again played at a very high level proved that Barcelona is a great possession team that executes while dominating their opponents (even if its Madrid), but it also proved that Madrid is as tough as them in a different way.   The departure of Pep Guardiola wasn’t a difference maker as Tito Villanova seems to know quite well how to lead this group in to victory.    Real Madrid on the other hand seems like they’re having a rough start to their season as they have managed to win zero games in the league that they’re the defending champs.

Arsenal let go one of their best players in Van Persie who managed to make a deal with rival Manchester United.  This leaves Javier Hernandez on the bench and gives MU the one two punch that it needs to win the league.  Both teams haven’t managed to impress as they are trailing behind at the beginning of the season.   Manchester City is looking to defend their title having managed to get one win and one draw in their sole two games this season.  Chelsea is at the top of the league and should prove to be a tough challenger come the end of the season.     Fernando Torres scored against Newcastle United to give his team 3 wins in 3 games, putting them at the top of the list.   After they won the UEFA Champions League against Bayern Munich they are sure to be favored in the premier league.

The Italian Serie A league has just started.   Italians were the first to offer big contracts to players and began overspending as years went by (remind me of the 49ers of the early 90′s).   The problems arose when the spaniards and english men began investing in their own stadiums leaving them open for business with players alone.   Italians historically have had to pay rent for their stadiums which leaves them little room to get new players and have predictably fallen behind the other big leagues of Europe.   Juventus has broken this trend as they built their stadium last year.  Results were very clear: They won the league.   With this season they face a bigger problem as their coach, Antonio Conte, starts out banned for 10 months and his assistant Angelo Alessio, 6 months.   In 2006 Juventus was demoted a division and has had to fight back to stay in the Serie A.    There have been numerous accusations throughout the league that involve several executives from 13 clubs for allegedly fixing matches.  Even though Juventus executives claim that this isn’t the reason why they got suspended, but since the Italian Soccer Federation claims that Conte didn’t inform them about a game with his previous team, Siena, was played under suspicion.   The transfer window is still open and teams like A.C. Milan and Inter are willing to go all out in order to secure a place at the top of the list of the league.

In the American Leagues, Neymar misses a penalty, Ronaldinho scores (yes he is still playing) Boca Juniors Ties with Independiente and Toluca loses their perfect record.   Tijuana stunned Club America in a lifeless empty Estadio Azteca, and Chivas loses again as the two biggest Mexican teams struggle in their league.     Mexico has a new tournament called La Liga MX where some players that never play have been given the opportunity to shine.  Some U.S. players get a chance to see some playing time in a big league and this helps the teams find out more about new players.

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