Lance Armstrong drops case proving he’s a cheater


Livestrong they said, use PED they said. Some say that the news that Lance Armstrong dropped his case with the USADA for allegedly using illegal substances in his 7 wins at the Tour de France doesn’t mean anything. He was stripped of his titles and has been banned for life. To me, it matters a lot. This sends a message to kids that cheating is wrong. Even if the events were 13 years ago, Lance cheated and he should be punished. Yeah, others cheated too, so they should be punished as well.

Lance Armstrong was a hero when he was winning title after title. Much like Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa did in their heroic run as homerun champs back in the late 90′s when baseball was dying. Cheating in anything should be punished no matter when its discovered. Lance was using illegal substances, he know it in his heart and he’s getting what he deserves. There is proof of this, no way around it.

Lance, you raised your throphy with pride several times in your career. You enjoyed the glory of victory. You cheated your way to something that was never yours. Now, be a man a accept the consequences of lying. You deserve it more than anyone.

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