Apple beats Samsung in Trial


The jury has reached a veredict and the winner is Apple. Te Cupertino company has won a lawsuit against powerhouse Korean competitor Samsung in what may be the biggest tech trial of the decade. This win will bring several consequences to the mobile device world as the now regarded evil empire has gotten official approval of their claims in pattent infringement.

Samung believes that this veredict is not a win for Apple but a loss for the American consumer as they stated in an interview with the New York Times. Apple on the other hand is extremely happy as this victory, worth $1.05 billion comes on a historic day, August 24, the day Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO one year ago.

The jury decided that Samsung did violate pattents in design and OS that belong to Apple. This will set the tone for things to come as smaller companies won’t want to go to war with Apple in court after their biggest toughest representative couldn’t beat them.

Steve Jobs stated in his biography that he would spent his last breath going thermonuclear on Android. This maybe the first battle won in the ongoing war with Google, beating one of their best soldiers on the battlefield.

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