Breaking Bad – Buyout Review

Every episode seems to be getting more and more intense.   I can’t believe how bad of a person Walt has become.   I can now say that I hate him more than ever.  Jesse is my new hero in this series without a doubt.  Mike has also become some sort of protagonist as he gets closer and closer to retirement.   With each passing episode I find myself rooting for everybody who isn’t Walter White.    After watching Buyout, which happened to end with a bang (again), I looked back at the 5 seasons and remembered how this all started.  A man diagnosed with Cancer who doesn’t have anything to lose, tries everything to give his family safety after he dies.   Now, one year later, the man cant get enough of the meth business.   Man, how things change.    In Buyout we get the latest quote by Walt that just gives you a sense of how crazy he’s become.   * Spoilers Ahead *

As we get closer to the end of the first half of season five, we get a sense of things to come.   With Jesse and Mike trying to leave the meth business we are left with Walter attempting to convince them of not leaving.    This leads us to the next chapter, him forcing them to stay.   Walt is almost as nasty as Gus Fringe in many ways.   He manipulates, evades and ultimately convinces people to do what he wants.    When Jesse tells him he can walk away with $5 million dollars in cash and be set for life, he counters with one of his typical egomaniac quotes “I’m in the Empire Business”.    He is addicted to the business not the money.  Walter has now become an evil man.

The episode starts out where we left off.  When Todd decided to kill this innocent boy who was just staring at them waving, he opened a can of worms that will be very difficult to close.    As we’ve seen through the series, Jesse doesn’t enjoy watching innocent people, specially children, get killed for nothing.   This moment brought him those mixed feelings about what he’s doing that makes him take the decision to leave.   Mike has also seemed to have enough.   The heat he’s receiving from the D.E.A. has him thinking twice of what he wants for his future and his relatives.  He loves his grand daughter too much in order to sacrifice her like that poor kid at the train site.    Walter on the other hand, whose original motives where his children, didn’t seem fazed by the fact that the kid was killed.  He justified Todd’s act as something that had to be done in order to save themselves from disaster.   The act alone was worth the prize of admission.    Having all that material to work with gives them the possibility of lots of money.

Skyler on the other hand is one inch away of telling her little secret to her sister.   She can’t take it anymore and fears for the safety of her children.  Walter is out of control and she knows it.  More than anybody she can sense how Walter’s motivations aren’t his children anymore.  He know craves power and is willing to do whatever it takes to not let it go.     Walter senses this, he knows his family has fallen apart and that he has nothing to work for only himself.    Building an Empire is all he has left and his resentments from “Grey Matter” still matter.      He knows that he walked away from millions of dollars for being such a crybaby in the first place, and that this time around he is on the verge of becoming a millionaire without the help of those who betrayed him.

Somebody is going to die.  One of the main three will go and my guess is that its going to be Mike.  He has increasingly become a sympathetic figure in the series, being old and reconsidering his position in life.  His little young grand daughter also makes him more likable.   My guess is that him reconsidering one last job with Walt will become his undoing.   Jesse on the other hand will eventually become the rat he has been destined to be and turn in Walter.   I’ve been thinking that Walt’s original motive of doing this, his family, would be the one to end him, but i’m starting to think that Jesse will be the one.

SCORE 8.7 out of 10.0

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