Apple vs Samsung Ends this week, Microsoft and more.


Apple and Samsung have been in a heated battle throughout the summer as they are fighting over pattents that concern design and OS functions. As they enter the last week of trial, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple will have a phone call with Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Yung to see if they can settle of the court and find some sort of middle ground that would benefit both juggernauts. Apple is also facing a lawsuit by former mobile giant Motorola, regarding pattents for messaging services that utilice wireless comunications. This targets practically all of Apple’s products and may be another of these absurd court fights that ends in nothing

As a side note, Apple has just become the most valuable company in history as its stock has now reached an all time high of $664.65. The previous record was held by another American tech company, Microsoft, in 1999. These two California companies have been battling each other for more than thirty years and just when you think one has knocked the other one for good in comes the comeback. Don’t expect that to happen soon enoughas Microsoft’s latest version of its flagship operating system, Windows 8, which plans to be a unified version of the OS for mobile devices as well as desktops, hasn’t been receiving good views in its demo version released this month. They are also counting on the new Microsoft Surface which will compete directly against the iPad later this year. Details on pricing are still a question mark.

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