Is Mark Zuckerburg the right CEO for Facebook?


With Facebook’s stock plumeting down as a flushing toilet one has to wonder if Mark Zuckerburg is the right CEO for his now public company. Yes, he is the largest stock holder with 20.1%, but does this mean that he is the right guy for the job at this point? As the founder of this company he joins the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Jerry Yang as guys who lead their companies in to public offering only to find out that things aren’t as easy when you need to meet other stock holders expectations.

These guys were really good in building startups but that doesn’t always make them great leaders of larger companies. Sometimes its best for these geniuses to be assisted by more experienced executives that can guide them through the turmoil of going public. Apple went through the same experience when Jobs put the company in risk, kicking him out of the company he started only to bring him back years later and make it the biggest most respected company in the world.

Lets not forget that Mark is still viewed by many as just a smart genius kid that wants to get away with everything he says. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as this kid has proved to be a brilliant visionary. Some may argue that this visionaries may be the best for these companies. Its something that will need to be addressed soon as the company is hitting an all time low. Mark lost as much as 600 million with the company’s latest stock downfall.

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