Breaking Bad Dead Freight Review


This episode kind of sums up what Breaking Bad is all about. All the tense moments, the strange happenings, evil thinking and shocking scenes could be all seen in this episode. Everything that this season has been leading to could be seen conclude in this episode, even if its not nearly or remotely the end of what’s going to happen. We’ve all seen that even though our “Hero” hasn’t been doing his best impression of Mother Teresa, he has managed to at least have a good reason for it. He’s always put his family first, his kids. His reason for doing all the bad things that he’s done, has always been for the good of the kids and his wife. But this time around, we saw somethings that go way beyond the evil faze All in all it was the finest episode yet in this slow season. We’re only 5 episode in to the season and we hadn’t had one moment that made us feel as we felt throughout season 4. Well we can now rest assure that the writers haven’t lost their touch and have finally given us an edge of your seat barnburner. -Spoilers ahead-

Lydia is a problem that will surely explode soon enough. Mike knows it, but Jesse and Walt don’t seem to get it. She has managed to get away unharmed a couple of times, but my guess is that she’s going to compromise their business deeply in the near future. Walt and Lydia are much a like, they act to defend their families and will do anything in order to do this. Walt may have already notice this, he is very smart and can see things before we can. He may feel empathic with her and that may have saved her from being killed. Walt goes all out in trying to find out if she set them up with the gps stunt she tried to pulled. As it turned out she wasn’t lying. This gave her valuable time to regroup with these evil guys and will keep her alive for a while.

Most of the episode runs around a train heist. As we learn that Lydia was telling the truth, the product is now compromised by the DEA as they’ve put GPS’ on the barrels. They need this product and Lydia tells them were and how they can get it. Without going in to details, it envolves robing a train much like Pretty Boy Floyd or Jesse James would do it in the old west. As it turns outs this makes for one entertaining episode. Jesse, Mike and newcomer to the business, Kuby, workout a plan that involves many things to go right in order to fulfill their goal. As they finish their objective and everything goes as planned, they find out a kid was watching all along only for Kuby to pull out one of the most shocking moments in Breaking Bad history, killing the boy cold bloodedly right on the spot.

It left the audience and the other characters in real shock. Things just got real and these guys are willing to do anything to fulfill their goal. Walt, Mike and Jesse now have a real business that involves them doing things like this in order for them to succeed. It was certainly the best episode of the season and one that will mark the direction of the series in this final season. Absolutely brilliant!

SCORE 9.6 out of 10.0

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