Movie Review: Hope Springs


I’m a big Meryl Streep fan, and who isn’t? I also love a good movie with Tommy Lee Jones with it, he is a good actor that when given the right role, he excels at it. He is also a little bit underappreciated and underated as an actor and that may be the reason why he sometimes gets to accept very bad movie roles. This time around, he seems to be ithe right position as Hope Springs role as Arnold is perfect for him. He is Brilliant as he portrays a married man that has a bland marriage and doesn’t seem to care to acknowledge it. He is rude and funny at the same time as he evades every possible problem with harsh comments and rude behavior. Meryl is great as usual, giving us one more good performance in her already impressive curriculum.

One of my favorite movies of all time, Bridges of Madison County, star Meryl in a sort of more serious similar theme as Hope Springs. Older couples who struggle in a long marriage, mostly to keep the spark alive. Kay, Streep, is in the same situation. She has stayed unhappy long enough dealing with a monotonous life with a husband who seems to ignore their relationship in every possible way, staying right in the confort zone feeling as though things are going perfectly. At least from his perspective. As she gets more and more uncomfortable with the situation, she seeks for help. She finds the perfect solution, going to an intensive couples therapy in a town called Hope Springs with a doctor that specializes in this kind of trouble.

Dr Feld, played by Steve Carell, with all the experience in the world, plays handball with Arnold and Kay as they struggle to get their stuff togheter in commonly treated therapy. This is were the movie gets very good as both Jones and Streepp give marvelous performances as the estranged couple they have becomed. Its brilliant how they start giving little details of their demise as a couple and transform themselves in to the unhappy persons they have become. Streep’s performance is in times funny and in other moments real sad. I found myself with a tear in my eye more than once thanks to her. Jones on the other hand has very funny lines here and there and some very rude moments with her.

This kind of movie makes you realize things that happen or have happened in your own life. It makes you reflex on your own experiences, giving you a good hint of what you may be doing wrong. Even when its funny, you know that things arent the way they should. That is why. This movie is good. Its theme is to the point, doesnt go to other non important things and just deals with the problem in hand. Its quite a beautiful movie that moves you in many different ways. I highly recommend couples go see this movie, specially young ones as it gives you a chance to check out things that maybe you dont see coming. Go see it, its good!

SCORE 7.7 out of 10.0

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