North America wins in Olympic Soccer


The Mexican national soccer team finally won a big one. Mexico scored the quickest goal in the history of an olympic final, just 28 seconds in to the game, and took the lead late in the second half to beat rival Brazil in a toughly contested game. An underdog, Mexico dominated when it counted and relied on counter attacks to Brazil’s explosive offense who never stopped trying. An Olympic Gold medal in Soccer is only the second biggest victory a team can have and Mexico has finally won it. As the national sport, it was probably the most important sports moment in the history of the country and will forever stay in the minds of fans. Brazil is probably the best team in the world right now and was considered a huge favorite. Still they lost yet again, and have failed to win the only prize they haven’t been able to get: Olympic Gold. Mexico has never lost a finals in a major tournament and has beaten Brazil numerous times as they seem to have their number.

The U.S. also won big at soccer, as the womens team beat Japan, their own big rival, in the finals after a toughly contested game against Canada just before it. The win gives the national women team their third consecutive olympics gold. With this couple of wins, North America has practically dominated the top of the podium for the first time ever as Mexico and USA win in the men’s and women’s soccer olympic tournament. Congratulations to both countries!


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