“Dream Team” wins Olympic Gold….so?


NBA all stars have just beaten up on the rest of the world again. Big deal. Really why do we have to care? This was a mismatch from the beginning. Some of these countries don’t even have a competitive basketball league in the first place. I’ve never liked the idea of NBA professional players competing in the Olympics. It’s just not entertaining, every game is a mismatch and what’s the fun knowing who’s going to win from the beginning? Its like watching the Globetrotters against the Generals, only a circus show with a predetermined outcome. I would rather see a college all stars play against the world than full grown professionals.

When it first happened, it was more like a novelty act than anything else. Watching the very best players in the NBA compete against other countries was interesting. Once we saw Michale Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the rest of the real Dream Team steamroll the opposition the fun ended. We didn’t need to see this again. Now, this time around, after Kobe Bryant said that this was a dream team as good or better than the original bunch, we may have had a reasonk to watch. Maybe we thought that they could beat everybody the way Jordan and buddies did 20 years ago. The fact that Lithuania and Spain gave them a run for their money says more about them than the actual competition. These guys are special, but not all time special. Lets be real, these athletes will be judged after their careers have ended, not while they’re at it.

They won, sure they did, everybody expected this and knew all along that theyk would have to beat Spain in order to be crowned champs. Even it hey knew the opponent, eveybody knew it was over before it started. Where’s the fun? Maybe when China develops a good basketball team I’ll be interested to see if the U.S. gets to bully the rest of the world. Yeah, its fun to watch your favorites all on the field representing your country, but really, is it really fun? Do other teams get you really nervous? I sure don’t. I would like to see competitive matchups. A leveled playing field. I find them too superior to the rest of the world for me to care anymore.

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