Tech Geek: Refurbished products are the way to go


Refurbished is a word that many relate to a negative connotation. It reminds us that the product didn’t work properly when it was first sold and was returned by an angry customer for a working one or just got his money back. It can also mean in some minds that the product is probably flawed in its original design and that there are possibilities that if you buy a new one you’ll probably be in a position to get one that doesn’t work. Nobody wants that. Well let me tell you something about refurbished products, they are probably one of the best deals out there in electronics and I’ll tell you why.

All companies have quality control issues

Nobody is perfect. Even the most meticulous companies have issues as products are made by humans and as we know, we aren’t exactly perfect. Now, this can give you some comfort as practically every company has a possibility of selling you a flawed product, some more than others but by a small margin.

Refurbished products means double check

When you return a product and goes through the refurbishing process this means it will go through every quality control system available at the company not only once but at least two more times in order for it not being returned again. This assures you that the product you are buying, a refurbished one of course, will work.

It offers the exact same technology

If you want the newest of the newest you can finally recently released products, like the new iPad for a discount in the refurbished bin. Its exactly the same product everybody else bought with a discount. Nothing has been taken out and its the most recent technology available.


This probably would be the biggest advantage for most people as you can get deals up to 80% discount on certain products like TV’s. Some may be lower but its still a discount for the exact same product.

I’ve bought a couple of high end refurbished cameras at Amazon and haven’t had any problems with them. I bought a Nikon D40 some years ago for almost 40% off the original cost and never had a single problem with it. Took almost 20,000 pictures and have now given it to my niece and she’s enjoying it up until this day. I recently bought a Nikon D7000 in the same refurbished cndition and has worked marvelously. I saved about 15% at a time that the camera was a hot commodity and was sold out almost everywhere. The only con I find in refurbished products is its limited warranty, some of them giving you only 90 days instead of a full year. This may be compensated with the fact that it has been completely checked at least twice in the quality control department and you can rest assured that it will work out fine. Now, if your looking for new electronics and want to save money, go to online stores and check out what refurbished products have been put up for sale, you’ll be surprised!

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