Swimmer admits cheating for world record


Cameron van der Burgh has practically admited cheating in his world record gold medal winning performance in the London Olympics just some few days ago. In a recent interview he admited in using extra Dolphin kicks which are illegal stating that everybody else is doing it. Its no secret that most athletes are pushing the rules and doing whatever it takes to win. Some say that if you’re not cheating you’re not trying. One thing is to be doing it without being caught and another is saying it out loud. His record setting win will now be tainted and sets a bad example for everybody. Its highly irresponsible of him in admitting such activity.

Its probably a well known fact between competitors that they are doing everything they can, taking every advantage they can get and pushing the limits of the rules in order to get the much coveted win. This is something we as expectators wouldn’t be surprised to know but probably don’t want to hear about. Knowing that your country’s representative didn’t follow the rules in order to win gives you a sense of betrayel. Recently I had a discussion with some fellow friends that were labeling Michael Phelps as the greatest olympian ever, like most of the media is doing these days. I’ve heard this story many times before only to be dissapointed with news that the greatest player ever was cheating.

Many heroes were later labeled as cheaters when it was discovered they were pushing the limits of the rulebook and getting away with other tactics. PED’s and Corked bats anybody? I’ll just wait a little while before I give the title of the best ever to a current athlete. Cameron van der Burgh has just given me more reasons to think that not everything we see in the field of play is real.

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