Top 5 James Bond Movies


It all started with Sean Connery and Dr. No. A formula that has remained throughout the years and that still works because of its well though out timeless hero. From its theme music to its somewhat cheesy villains James Bond 007 just works. This fall a new James Bond film is coming, the third for our first blonde main actor, Daniel Craig. But how does his films stack up to the late greats? Here at The Republika we go through the task of analyzing each film and coming up with the Top 5.

Pierce Brosnan


Set in post Cold War, Pierce Brosnan makes his debut in a succesful film that was greatly pushed by a popular videogame of the same name

4.-Casino Royale
Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig comes to the table with a rare series reboot. In an interesting turn of events, they tell us all about 007 beginnings in the spy business.

3.-The Spy Who Loved Me
Roger Moore


One word: Jaws. One of the scariest villains in Bond history is introduced in this movie. With a good villain you have a great hero. Roger Moore finally fills in the big shoes of Connery with his stellar performance in this russia meets egypt adventure.

2.-From Russia with Love
Sean Connery


Sean Connery’s second film as Bond fully makes him the act to beat as he faces another cold war spy game facing two of his fiercest enemy’s in Bond history: Red Grant and Lotte Lenya.

Sean Connery


The golden standard in James Bond movies. Sean Connery gives us a performance that will forever be the standard for actors that are trying to portray the english spy. An attempted attack by Auric Goldfinger to Fort Knox fules this film. The greatest film in 007 history.

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