Apple vs Google and Samsung


Apple is doing lots of things these days as they battle Samsung in court and Google on the main field. With Samsung the story has already been told multiple times, Apple is accusing them of infringing their patents regarding design, from the user interface to the actual product. With Google they are going at war in whole other playing field. When the iPhone came out, way before Google thougt about going Android on them, they made a deal to make their search engine the default one in their Safari web browser integrated in the iOS. Youtube, owned by Google, has also been an included app in the iOS user interface.

Ever since Google decided to compete directly with Apple in the OS wars, things have started to push them apart. First, Apple decided to include options regarding search engines. Yahoo was first introduced and with iOS 4 they got Bing in to the mix. Then they announced that they were ditching Google Maps for their own 3D map system that should be introduced with iOS 6. Yesterday they also announced that they would be eliminating the Youtube app as an included app with their iPhones and iPads. Now, this may benefit Google as their Youtube app has been practically untouched, when in other OS’s its been greatly changed. It can now include ads and other features that have been left out ever since it came out as part of the iOS.

What would greatly hit Google is if Apple decided to make Yahoo or Bing its default search engine. Remember, Apple and Google dominate the smart world phone, every iPhone comes with Google as the default search engine and Android is made by Google. We know default is what counts and if we add it up, Google is practically the search engine of choice for almost 100% of smart phones. Currently, Google pays $1 Billion dollars a year for this benefit (it used to pay $100 million) so you can imagine how important this is. If Microsoft manages to make Bing the default search engine in iOS it would be a huge blow against the internet giant.

With Samsung things are getting uglier. Yesterday’s evidence suggested through an email that Samsung deliberately directioned themselves to designs that mimicked Apple as their user experience (ux as they stated) was the new way to go and they were wasting time copying Nokia. Lets see how this trial continues to develop as it may bring in more surprises to the table. As for now Apple is battling two giants and still has everything to win the war.

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