“TED” Movie Review


Seth Macfarlane’s live action movie debut, Ted doesn’t hide the fact that its his movie. There isn’t a single scene in the whole movie where you aren’t thinking of the similarities to his previous work, specially Family Guy. If you are familiar with his trajectory you’re probably aware of what this movie brings and wont be surprised with what it brings to the table. If you haven’t been exposed to his line of comedy, be prepared for something that might offend you. For me it was pure joy, the intro reminded me of movies like Elf, where you get the innocent backstory to what turns out to be an adult storyline. This teddy bear is an offensive force and shoulnd’t be taken lightly.

The movie is set in modern Boston. A young kid who has no friends wishes that his teddy bear come alive so he can be best friends forever. As it turns out, the wish comes true and this new friend becomes his biggest enemy. As we get to the first scene with a grown up Teddy bear and his owner we get the whole sense of whats coming. Trust me, I laughed out loud in the theater and wouldn’t stop doing it for the rest of the film. You get your obvious love story and problems that come for having a rude offensive teddy bear as a best friend. Nothing here is new. The thing that makes this movie good is the execution. If you are a fan of Family Guy’s offensive comedy, you’ll get a crack out of Ted.

Even though the actual story is kind of stupid, the end result is pure entertainment. I laughed through all the movie and had a great time with all the stupidity surrounding Ted and his buddies. Flash Gordon is an added surprise and his scene at the party is one of the funniest I’ve seen in recent movie history. There is also a great fighting scene that reminded me of the funniest comedy moment ever, the fight in the Borat movie. That alone should tell you more about Ted than anything I could say. A great comedy for adults.

SCORE 8.3 out of 10.0

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