Olympic Stars Performing


The Olympics must be one of the most exciting sporting events on the planet. Every four years people gather round the television set to watch their country’s best pure athletes perform for their flag to try and bring a medal back home. These events have proven throghout the years to be a great way to unite your family in one common purpose and at the same time the whole country. As we get to the halfway point of this years olympics we’ve been treated to many exciting moments. We have seen records broken, dreams shattered and history made. Atheletes from all over the world have given their all in order to compete to the highest levels. Even when the stakes are the highest they have managed to perform beyond expectations.

Just yesterday we saw olympic champion, Usain Bolt, retain his title in one of the most, if not the most exciting event in the Olympics, the 100 mts dash. His competition was fierce and for the first time in many games he wasn’t the overwhelming favorite. Yohan Blake, who finished second, beat him in the Jamaican trials. Again, when time came to compete at the olympics, the bigger more experienced Jamaican destroyed the oposition. Earlier last week we also saw fellow american swimmer, Michael Phelps, became the most accoladed competitor in Olympic history as he broke the record for most medals won in the games. He added a couple of more before retiring as probably the best olympian ever.


When the time comes, athletes that are truly great, outperform their competition. We saw a couple of upsets including Roger Federer’s inhability to secure gold in probably his final chance ever. The U.S. Basketball team is also ouotperforming their opposition which isn’t much of a surprise. The other thing we can be sure of is that a passionate chinese athlete will appear almost in every competition, specially gimnastics and diving. The games have been great and we are sure to seqe the best to come in the following week. Expectations continue to be high with the english and we can surely expect them to give us a great show for the remainder of the games.

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