New Galaxy Note 10.1 may not help in Samsung case vs Apple


The long anticipated notepad by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10.1 has an oficial date. At least Samsung has already sent a Save the Date card for August 15 to the press and will probably announce the release of their suspiciously looking device. Samsung is currently in a tough battle with Apple for design infringement and may take a bigger blow when they release their newest device which looks much like the popular iPad slate. Even though here at The Republika we think that some of Apple’s allegations are pure B.S., sometimes we also think tha Samsung wants to kill themselves with these obvious desings. The new Galaxy Note 10.1 has a white version much like the iPad does and that makes their design decisions even more obvious than before. Much like the Galaxy S3, the similarities with the iPhone are so evident that is hard to make a case for the Korean juggernaut. For fans of the handheld system, this must be exciting news as the Galaxy Note sports very exciting specs including the mandatory Quad Core processor and the best of all features: a 10.1 inch screen, almost double than the previous version. It also incluedes a stylus for writting and LTE 4G capabilites. This is sure to bring serious competition to the iPad. Many will be comfused when deciding which looks better.

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