“Moonrise Kingdom” Movie Review


Wes Anderson style is always evident. From the music, to screen play, editing and story, there is no way to confuse a movie by him with anything else. Moonrise Kingdom, the latest movie by Anderson, tells the story of two kids who run away after unknowingly falling in love. Its a simple premise to a complex theme as it tells us more about growing up and coming of age than anything else. The movie is full of little things that tells us about how a boy a and a girl grow up differently and see things from a different angle. Wes Anderson brings us two of his stock players in Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman and ads up a brilliant cast that includes Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinson, Edward Norton and Frances McDormand.

This movie is one of the best of this year, as a matter of fact, its the absolute best and should be a favorite for the award season. Wes Anderson has crafted his best film and that is something to say as movies like The Royal Tenenbaum’s and Rushmore are included in his repertoir. Anderson’s strange comedy is not for everyone and fills in better if you’ve watched at least one of his films before. Moonrise Kingdom is the first movie by Anderson that is set in a specific period. This fits in well with his style that sometimes includes the utilization of retro style objects. It also continues the theme of lonely and sad adults controlling the life of childrend often putting them in situations not suitable for them just yet.

In this particular film our main theme relies on love and growing up. A kid falls in love with a girl but doesn’t fully understand the meaning of it. He just acts as any person would when falling in love, out of instinct. She also falls in love with him and even though its clear that she’s more mature than him, she also acts through her feelings. The setting is a tiny New England island which serves pretty swell as a lovely Blue Lagoon set in an Anderson flick. The kid is a boy scout who has fallen tired of being bullied around by other kids and decides to embark on an adventure with his new friend. The girl is a moody explosive girl that is just entering her teen years and hates her family (mostly because she’s becoming aware of things that as a kid she never noticed in her family). Their love story is pretty amusing as you see them growing right before your eyes. While their story is nice and cute, when you mix in the adults around them things get pretty Anderson like, often having hilarious scenes mixed in with the drama and sadness much of Wes’ characters always bring.

Weirdness is the main theme in Anderson movies, and its always charming. Filmmaking is an art form and men like Wes keep this art going forward. You can definitely see yourself in every character in the movie in some sort of way. If you pay attention you’ll understand many things that aren’t that evident at first sight. Keep your eyes open as there are many little things to watch for. Anderson has crafted his finest film yet and as it turns out, its all about personal feelings being translated to film. Its just love.

SCORE 9.5 out of 10.0

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