Curiosity, lots of money at stake.


NASA’s newest billion dollar toy has landed in Mars. It was a tough journey that concluded in some of the most nerve fuled minutes space engineers have ever experienced. After succesfuly landing on the red planet these men can now celebrate and rejoice as their 2.5 billion dollar machine is now ready to slowly work and take some pictures that will help evidence lf microorganisms have ever lived in this planet. The first pictures coming in are very dark and with not much detail. The high resolution shots will come much slower, probably a couple of days later.


NASA is always happy when things go their way as there is a lot of money going in to their programs with results that may not bring inmediate results that would benefit our society right away. This means that money that
could be used for social programs with quik results is being sent to long term scientific investigations that may seem more ego filling than result giving. Lets see what this multi billion dollar expedition actually benefits America in the long run.

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