Apple and Samsung start Trial



Yesterday, Apple and Samsung finally went to court to settle their differences. This war has been going on all over the world with some early victories going to Apple. Apple claims that Samsung copied designs made for iOS devices, making phones and tablets that greatly resemble their products. Some might argue that Apple is looking for every loose end to take advantage of this trial, others might think that they have rightfull ownership of their pattents. It might be difficult for them to prove in court that Samsung did copy their products even if some of them look awfully alike. From Apple’s side its getting more complex as they have stated that many products have copied many things from the iPad and iPhone. From the front home button to the camera setting, it will get ugly. Samsung claims that Apple copied Sony and that they took advantage of many technologies that they’ve been developing throught the years to get to in to the market. Apple seeks a little more than 2.5 Billion dollars in damages while Samsung claims they want at least 15 dlls for each iPad sold. Lets see what happens the following months.

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