Amsterdam looking to ban Marijuana


Its funny how a certain generation that used to do drugs like acid is the one pushing to ban the legal sale of Marijuana in Amsterdam.   This comes in the light of international pressure and small town folk in Holland that don’t like the idea of pot smokers lurking around, mostly tourists who don’t know how to behave most of the time.    Leaders in this funky town know the edge Amsterdam receives with the Red Light District and these coffee shops that legally sell marijuana, but are also worried of the problems it causes.  Controlling these kinds of drugs and prostitution prevents other potential problems like drug distributers, gangs, diseases.    Locals know the value of legalized marijuana, and have experienced this in very positive ways.   The problem lies in tourists as some of them lose control because they aren’t used to this.    France and Germany are also complaining as some of their countrymen go to Amsterdam to buy pot and bring it back to their country where it is illegal.

The way they are controlling this is by putting a registration system where you have to have a card or pass in order to be able to buy.  This means that you have to be a registered pot user if you want to get it.  This is a little bit disconcerting for locals as they don’t want to be labeled as something that would potentially hurt them.   This is why they are now buying it on the street where they are inciting a black market.  This will come in to effect nationwide by January 2013.    Many coffee shops won’t be allowed to sell marijuana to tourists.   Lets see if this doesn’t turn out to be a nasty situation.

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