A girls point of view: Sex and Nerds

I still have been having some problems with the whole writing issue. I mean, I was so excited at first and still am, but somehow I continue encountering the delicate topic choosing deal which always brings me back to the same idea: something sex related.

So now that Comicon and nerds are so trendy, I’ll expose my theory: Nerds are great in bed. I mean, nerds might lack in looks but I’m positive there’s something most of them, if not all of them, benefit greatly from, and this is intelligence and free time.

I bet (as a matter of fact, I’ve proven) nerds have all the adequate knowhow in terms of what should please a girl, they just need one to give it a try  and bam, you’ve got addiction. Who would turn down an ever pleasing gentleman who happens to be smart and even though he might not be that physically appealing. This just so happens to make  him as cute as hell. If we could only ask Penny what seems to be so appealing, from the whole Leonard episode, it definitely relies on the sexual satisfaction percentage. Or so is my guess.

Now, there’s a whole other issue on whether nerds are nerds and not geeks, or viceversa. I honestly think my theory applies to both them. Both nerds and geeks are definitely great in bed. And I should know because it takes one to know one. I guess I’m just a geek girl who happens to be pretty.

So my word of advice to all you extra smart guys out there, if you happen to comply with my theory, give it a go at a radiant hot babe because you might just be the answer to her prayers. Us girls truly appreciate someone who will honor and respect us, and I’m not just  talking about in public, but in our beds! where we actually love to dwell.

So hence my quote: Smart is the new cute. Go Nerds!!

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