Disgusting Food Around The World

A couple of weeks ago our fellow foodie sent me a picture of his latest delicacy in culinary discoveries.   Man, it was disgusting!  He tasted one of the featured culinary treats in this article, I almost puked in disgust.  So, what does it taste like?  I said; he answered what I would call the most common answer in food tasting history,  “It tastes like Chicken”.     Whenever you go to a different country you’ll get the opportunity to taste their culinary delicacies.  You’ll also get to see things that may seem exotic in our country but for them its a common thing.     The top picture is a Brain Taco, very common in Mexico.   That would seem pretty normal over here but maybe for some Asian countries it would be gross enough for them to puke, even when they’re having their rotten bird’s eggs as a snack.  Next up are some of the most disgusting foods in the world.  Beware, disturbing images ahead! (Enter on your own risk)

Fetal Duck (Balut)



North Korea

OX Penis

Monkey Brain

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