Savages Review

Oliver Stone has gotten to a new low.  Savages is a very clunky movie that looks and sound more like a B-Movie than an actual production from a famed director.    We all know that Oliver’s movies aren’t for everyone, not all can digest the way this great director films his movies.  This time around he seemed to try to play it safe, and it backfired.    Laughable acting, stupid story and most of all bad directing!   As ugly as that sounds its true.    The cast is full of well known actors, some of theme in their prime others looking a little bit their age.   Salma Hayek, Benicio del Toro, John Travolta and Damian Bichir all big stars do their job, but this doesn’t save the film.  Its cast may be its best thing , this as the only true good thing it has to offer, once the movie starts its all downhill.

What we have here with Savages is a movie that borrows something from other hit movies and makes a bad mix of it.   The love triangle between the three main characters is just not believable, there isn’t anything to back it up.  The explanation given by O. (Ophelia) is so lame that from the moment you hear it you know things are going to be bad.   Then there’s the Buddhist stuff with Chon, something that just doesn’t make any sense to me.  He wants them to go live in an Asian country for a year in order to lose any heat surrounding their business.   We also the who gives a ** character in Ben who happens to be the bad boy and satisfies O. as a sexual machine.  The plot is laughable too.  These guys have the best pot in the world being made in California, the Baja Cartel featuring non other than the Queen of the South, Salma Hayek as the main boss wants part of their business.   Then there is Dennis (John Travolta) who reminds me of Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad, but here he is a federal agent.    Demian Bichir makes a fool out of himself in this movie as his role as Alex is so watered down that when the ultimate conclusion to this character happens you don’t give a damn.

Benicio del Toro is probably the most rounded character in the movie, doing a good job portraying a mexican cartel member doing dirty work for his boss.   Other than that the movie just collapses on itself.   This is the most non-Olvier Stone movie he has ever made and it suffers because of it.  It’s poorly written and directed.   Music is above average and acting is sub-par.    Salma Hayek should take a look at what Sofia Vergara is doing and take note.  She isn’t that much of an actress when she has to speak in English.   You can do better Salma.     The rest of the crew didn’t seem to have nothing to do as they give some of the worst performance of their careers.  Bad movie, bad script, bad act. Another thing to point out is that if you are watching great scripts, very true to real life Drug Stories like Breaking Bad, you’ll quickly notice how this is just a Hollywood movie that tries to make it as cliché as possible.  This is where it truly implodes and ends its only credibility.

SCORE 3.0 out of 10.0

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One thought on “Savages Review

  1. I agree with the three out of five stars on this movie but I love that Salma Hayek is the bad girl in this movie, not the heroine like she normally is. Oliver Stone made a great decision in putting a woman crime lord into the movie even if it isn’t a good one. I know that when this movie comes out I might have a hard time finding it at the nearest kiosk so a Dish co-worker suggested Blockbuster @ Home. He said that the movies get delivered to my house and I even have the option to stream movies to my Hopper. Since Savages isn’t out on DVD yet I can put it in my queue so I can get the movie right away. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to try it out and I’ve been hooked ever since. I don’t have to leave the house to get the latest releases: no more waiting in line, driving around and wasting gas. I finally got to see the movie three days later and it wasn’t the world’s best grimy movie but it was good enough for me. If you try not to look at it critically, the movie works.

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