Broner will become a bigger Problem

Adrien Broner cheated himself in to a fight that he didn’t deserve to participate in and won it in spectacular fashion.  Yeah, this would make headlines if he hadn’t failed to make weight twice.    Friday afternoon he weighted 3 and 1/2 pounds over the Jr. Lightweight limit for his scheduled fight with Vicente Escobedo, who happened to come down from 135 to face this challenge.    He was given the opportunity to step to the scales the next day and weight no more than 140 pounds.  He failed to make it coming in with 3 and 1/2 pounds over that limit again!    The Problem, as he likes to be called is that Golden Boy Promotions and HBO weren’t going to let the telecast to fall because of this little tiny detail.   First Broner was fined with $60,000.00 of his purse; $30,000.00 for Escobedo and the remaining 30 for the commission.    As it turned out, Escobedo didn’t think that was enough for him to step in to the ring.   He used all the leverage he had to milk the cow to the last minute.  In the end he entered the ring with undisclosed terms, some say that he got a lot more money than expected and a deal to fight for the title in his next fight.

Broner on the other hand, got away with his irresponsibility and got to fight the fight.    We all knew he would win, he is as good a talent as there is, but we expected Escobedo to present a good test for the young fighter from Cincinnati.  As it turns out, coming in with this advantage, he did what most expected, steamroll over a fighter that had to follow the rules.    For those that don’t know boxing or sports where you have to make weight, you have to know that making weight and not making weight is as big a deal as there is.   Not making it gives you a considerable advantage.  The other boxer that did make weight will probably be weaker than you are just by having to take of those extra pounds.  Some say that the first 10 pounds you lose are the easiest but once you get to the last two or three is when things get difficult.    Just ask Diego Corrales or Joey Gamache.   Both got destroyed by bigger boxers.    Corrales fought and beat Jose Luis Castillo in what many call the greatest fight ever.  Come the rematch, Castillo didn’t make weight and much like the Broner fight, they agreed to fight and Castillo just destroyed him.   It wasn’t even close.     That fight was between evenly matched champions.

This fight wasn’t even close if things where on a leveled field. Now if the young, ultra talented 22 year old prospect doesn’t make weight and still gets to fight, this is what you get.  Thank god no tragedy happened, but still, they let it go.  HBO Boxing after Dark and Golden Boy Promotions should be blamed by letting this fight go on.   I understand the kind of money that they invest in this young kids, but hey, a person’s life is in stake here, Escobedo came to fight, was responsible with his trainer and should be compensated.     Broner on the other hand will probably become a superstar, an anti-hero much like the man he is being compared to, Floyd Mayweather.    Comparisons must stop here, as Floyd has never failed to make weight and has never disrespected the sport.  He may be an a-hole outside the ring, but we all know that is self promotion and it works for him.  Once inside the ring, he takes care of business with pure talent and commitment to his sport.   Adrien Broner should learn a little bit more about the man he is being compared to and man up.

HBO and GBP should stop feeding this kid with the money they’re giving him and suspend any special privileges they have given him.  The little act he gave after the fight, disrespecting his girlfriend as he did, should be enough for us to know what kind of guy he is.  He is only 22 and already doing this kind of things.    As for the fight itself, I wasn’t impressed.  The guy looks a lot like Floyd but doesn’t have the reflexes, is to flat footed for this point of his career and eats a lot of jabs.   A good jabber or a good southpaw that has power will probably end his undefeated streak (if you call it undefeated, most of the media and people watching his fight with Daniel Ponce de Leon, a southpaw I might add, thought he lost).     Roy Jones Jr., Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman should be ashamed of themselves after the way they treated this situation last Saturday.  Once again they decided to protect their employers and their new “star” instead of calling it like it is.    Boy I missed Larry Merchant last Saturday.

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