Man of Steel Trailer Steals Music from Lord of the Rings

Oh man, do you think we’re stupid?   Why use such a great piece of music that has forever been linked to a great moment in movie history on a trailer?    The music we hear in the new Man of Steel Trailer is taken straight from the scene where Gandalf dies in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.   I wonder what Howard Shore and Peter Jackson will think of this once they hear it.   Do your own original music for god’s sake!   Here is the trailer and the scene of the movie….

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80 thoughts on “Man of Steel Trailer Steals Music from Lord of the Rings

  1. Because its not like a Lord of the Rings trailer ever used another movie’s music…

    …Except for when the Two Towers trailer used Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream.

    • Yes, I know this happens all the time, but why would you use such emblematic music related to such a known movie scene to promote a new movie? I would love to know why…

    • Lux Aeterna is hardly “from Requiem for a Dream.” It’s very old classical music – used first, to my knowledge, in 2001. Kind of a difference from swiping original soundtrack music from a film made in … 2001.

      • Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream is an original composition from Clint Mansell and not “very old classical music”. There is a liturgy by tha name but just because something has the same title does not mean it is the same thing.

  2. Just about every trailer I’ve ever seen uses music from another movie or artist. Awww did they ruin your precious Gandalf scene? Get over it…….nerd.

    • Im actually a musician and have worked on trailers, your comment is totally of base, there’re actually a large number of people in Hollywood who are dedicated to trailer music, so there is no need to use music from other movies. I don’t understand this, much less when a big movie like The Man of Steel can afford to pay a dedicated composer to make original music for the trailer. And yes I’m a nerd so what?

      • I feel the same way, they just didn’t want to dig into their very deep pockets to pay for original music that their movie could be known for.

  3. They probably paid (a lot of money) to have the music for the trailer, so they didn’t technically steal it. And who cares? It’s the directors/producers decision. Look who that is: two very dark, descriptive men. If they thought it was appropriate to use, then they should have. I thought it was an incredibly good choice; I couldn’t picture it with any other piece. Plus, trailer music isn’t always made from the movie’s composer; however the movie soundtrack should be completely original for the most part. I hope the Man of Steel soundtrack is made from the guy who did The Dark Knight.

    • Thanks for the Comment Grace.. Yeah, you are right, its not stealing, i’ll change the title of my post. I still don’t understand why they can’t spend a little money on something original. As I said in previous posts, Im a composer and have worked in some short movies. Many musicians in the L.A. area work their assess to get this kind of projects, and Im sure their talent could produce something that would suit this trailer perfectly. I don’t understand it.

      • As Grace say, it’s not stealing since they certainly paid for it , i don’t understand why you don’t understand the use of it , it fit the trailer… Sur they fifn’t create a job for it, but in the end what mater is the result …
        And i’m sure there will be a lot of new trailer with CGI , explosion and all thc classic stuff of nowadays trailer with original music .

      • Yes. I understand your point of view but as an artist a movie is a whole concept. Music, Photography. and the movie itself is a whole package. A trailer is part of that package and should include orqiginal music made specifically for it. More so if its the teaser trailer!

      • if they actually paid for the use of the song then you should be mad at the people who sold the song, (such a bunch of whores! lol)

  4. The score for a film is never finished by the time a movie starts releasing the trailers. Film trailers use music from other movies trailers all the time, its universally known and been happening for decades now. And I doubt Howard Shore would be pissed they’re using music from LOTR, seeing that he is composing the score for Man of Steel. You’re such an idiot.

    • Not really there are music composers that are specialists for movie trailers. Nick Phoenix from Eastwest studios come to mind. You are the idiot my friend. There are times when they use other pieces of music and pther times when they use original. For this kind of film I expected original music.

      • The movie will have an original score .just not for the trailer. It’s not that big of a deal.

      • I dont know. As I said before, im a musician an know its not that hard to find a good piece of original music for a one minute trailer. Thats just lazyness for me.

      • Warner and DC comics are trying hard to compete with Marvel and their recent success in bringing their comic books to the silver screen. The difference comes down to details. Not making a serious effort like this one tells you more than you think about the full commitment taken for the franchise

    • Hans Zimmer is composing the score for Man of Steel; Howard Shore is deep in the writing and composing of new music for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey & There and Back Again’. That said, i think what’s more interesting and revealing is that The Hobbit trailer has been playing just in front of ‘Man of Steel’ for almost every DLP IMAX ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ showing I’ve been too.

  5. Yes!!!! Thank you for noticing this too! The moment I heard it in the theatre I knew it was from LotR! Nerds unite! Lol

  6. As soon as i heard it i was
    Like wtf! But however its good advertising for the hobbit thats released later this year and gets people talking about it. So even though i think it wrong i also think its pretty clever.

  7. As others have noted, this is a relatively common practice. I respect that you are a musician and you are familiar with trailer music, but I don’t think one movie borrowing the music from another movie for its trailer is a big deal at all. As everyone else has noted, Lord of the Rings, certainly a big-budget film, used a version of ‘Lux Aeterna’ from ‘Requiem for a Dream’ in its trailer. Though, I believe it was an updated version, retitled ‘Requiem for a Tower.’

    You have to keep in mind that a film like this, based on a superhero, will almost certainly draw the type of fans most likely to immediately identify the trailer music as being from LOTR. The majority of the audience won’t be able to place the music, and rather will simply think that the music fits the mood of the trailer very well. These are the people that movie theaters are hoping will get excited about the movie and help take the film from a small success to a huge hit. The hardcore fans are already money in the bank.

    Personally, I’m surprised that you, as a musician, don’t notice this happening in a lot more trailers. When I go to a movie, I usually find I recognize the music from at least one of the 4-6 trailers shown. One of my personal favorite composers is John Murphy, and I hear his music in trailers all the time. One that immediately comes to mind is ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ Murphy’s ‘Sunshine’ music took what was an above-average trailer and made it seem far more compelling and emotional than the movie turned out to be.

    • Good observation. Thanks for the comment you are right. For marketing reason its a pretty good move to put a well know piece of music to fit a certain mood. I think i understand where you’re coming from and i understand your point quite well to reconsider this and think about it in another way!

  8. My sister tried to convince me in the theater that it was from Lord of the Rings, but I didn’t believe her. I didn’t think that a movie made by a completely different studio, people, and about something so different would use Lord of the Rings music. But I was wrong. I understand why they would choose to do so, but I don’t like it. I mean, for me, Superman will never compare to Lord of the Rings, no matter how good the movie ends up being.

  9. Utter douchebags. Loads and loads of movies use other film music in the teasers. Mainly because the score wouldn’t have been written yet. And in this case, it works very, very nicely.

    Nobody is calling you stupid and asking you to not notice. But I am calling you stupid for thinking you have a right to be upset.

  10. Oh please people, using other films’ scores in trailers is normal. Bruce Lee theme was used in at least three separate film trailers as well as ‘My Name is Lincoln’ in a few more. Sometimes the score isn’t finalized and especially when the film is coming out next year i would be surprised at this stage if a score has already been fully set in stone. There is even a database of what music has been used in various trailers, The most important thing for the music to do is to give the emotion that is needed for us to want to watch the film. If it does that , job is done.

    • Yeah I know that I just don’t like it. I would like to think that with all that money they can come out with something original in this kind of movie. I know its only the trailer but it starts from here. All the creative process, the hype machine, everything starts from the first time you show it to the public. Batman is a 400 million dollar production, I wonder how much money it will take to market Man of Steel. I’m guessing somewhere in that area; im sure there are hulndreds of talented composers who would do s great job composing something original that fits the mood of the trailer. A piece of music that is so attached to one particular key scene in a movie as good as LOTR is a little lazy in my book. Im not against using other music for trailers, not just in this kind of production where originality is a must. Just my two cents. (for those calling me an idiot thats all right, im not calling you idiots if you do not agree with me its just opinion, i stand by mine)

  11. Maybe we should give them credit because they got one by all of you. This is not the music from LOTR. It’s from Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor movie. In fact it’s the musicthat played in the trailer for Pearl Harbor.

    • Sorry. Mistake. The music that played in the trailer shown at ComicCon was from Pearl Harbor. This on IS from LOTR.

      • To me its easy, the movie isnt finishe right? How come they didnt use footage from another film? They used what they had and created a pretty awesome teaser. Trust me, they can do the same with original music. No need to use other movie’s score unless
        Its for marketing reason as someone stated earlier. Thats my whole point. The score, film, effects etc arent finished I know that, still they have to promote the movie with what they have. This teaser has editing, color correction, mixing, etc. It has to in order to present in the theaters. So why not music? Music a very integral part of a movie. There are a lot of people who noticed this particular piece of music, do you see the importance?

  12. Maybe I’m giving the guys who put together the teaser too much credit, but they could’ve optioned for that music on purpose. **Spoiler alert** What happens to Gandalf after he “dies”? He comes back, with more power, more assurance and more zen. Gandalf the Grey was awesome, but Gandalf the White was “super” awesome. The teaser guys could be relating Kal-El’s transformation from Clark Kent into Superman to Gandalf’s transformation. It’s a stretch, but either way it makes us think of The Hobbit so I doubt Peter Jackson/Howard Shore are upset.

  13. Lighten up, Hollywood’s done this for nearly every movie trailer that’s been put out. Why nitpick over where the music came from if you know that it’s all for marketing purposes anyway. Just let it go and realize that the music is beautiful and so is the trailer. Hanz Zimmer is doing the score for Man of Steel anyways, so I’m sure it’ll be original, and I’m guessing they don’t wanna give away too much too soon. I think it’s clever and strategic to use a well known piece from Shore to emphasize just how poignant the tone of this Superman reboot is going to be, seems to be much more passion behind it. Not to mention it’s just a TEASER trailer.

    The whole point is to tug at our emotional responses, and I think whoever crafted the trailer knew that playing that music would subconsciously trigger some emotion, especially for those who have seen LotR. I think this Supes has a lot of potential.

  14. I think the music is completely out of place. You hear the music and think lord of the rings??? I don’t get it

  15. Whats the problem? This happens in almost every trailer lol.. like requiem for a dream? Or songs who already exists like Hans Zimmer, Audiomachine, Immediate music etc..
    And really.. “stealing” dude? You really think this big production companies are stealing songs for their public trailers? Ofcourse they’ve got permission! They probably payed for it! And its not the composer of director who own this rights, its the production company..

    Besides this: yeah first time I saw the trailer in my head I went back 10 years ago. Wow that where the golden ages of movieland! I mean: The Green Mile, Gladiator, LORT, The Pianist, City of Gods, Pirates of the Carribean 1, Kill bill vol. 1 etc. etc. etc.

    • I think they should’ve chosen a less well known piece of music. There are libraries of music composed specifically for trailers that they could’ve chosen from, but they chose a piece from one of the highest grossing and most critically acclaimed movies of all time. The huge lotr fanbase was sure to notice this piece in another movie’s trailer and either be upset (like me) or get excited. I just feel the piece is too well known and too attached to such an emotional part in the movie, that it doesn’t have the same effect on a new trailer. That’s just my opinion. I know it’s a common practice but all I could think about while watching the trailer was the music. I barely paid attention to the actual trailer because I was too distracted.

      • This is exactly my point! It doesn’t make any sense to me when the first thing I think of when listening to this piece of music is Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin mourning over the death of their friend! I was also distracted by this. The trailer itself is very very cool and would have benefited from an original short version of the main theme of the new soundtrack. At least the idea. Hans zimmer is a hell of a composer and knowing the way he works he probably already has the main idea. He also has many composers working for him, some that do this kind of things in a second… Trust me.

  16. It IS common for trailers and movies to use music from other artists, it is however, quite a lot more uncommon for them to pull music straight from piece composed for a specific movie. There are many movies that use current pop, country, rock and other genre’s of music’s top hits for their movies, but again far more rare for one to take a composition composed originally for a specific movie production. And certainly rare for it to come from something as legendary and monumental as Lord of the Rings.

    • This is exactly what i’m saying. Of course they’re not stealing, they certainly paid for it, but everybody knows that this particular piece of music is a crucial piece in a crucial scene in a classic movie.

  17. I guess they used it because it is just a teaser, at least I hope for an original score to match Zack Snyder’s spectacle. Did they ask for permition? I don’t know, that is compeletely out of my area of expertise. But a soundtrack like that… I think even I wouldn’t resist to put it in one of my movies :)

  18. Considering LOTR was done by New Line, a company owned by Warner Bros, I’d say that they’ve got every right to use it.

  19. if the studio owned the rights to the music, then compose somethingthat is borderline plagerism if you must have the same tone and save time/effort. no ones gonna sue

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  21. The thing is why steal music from a very known movie everybody still remembers it, and they remember it even more now when the new The hobbit is beeing realeased soon. It was clumsy…….

  22. This is not the first time a trailer used music from another film. Hannibal trailer used music from the first Matrix movie. V for Vendetta trailer used Han Zimmer’s Molossus from Batman Begins.

  23. It’s a TEASER trailer for a movie being released NEXT summer. Zimmer hadn’t even been announced as the composer more than 2 weeks before it was released. I love LOTR but you LOTR stans need to get over yourselves. This is muchado about nothing. When the full trailer is released likely in December this won’t even be an afterthought.

    • Thanks man, even though this is old news, and an old argument, it really moved me in a way that i didn’t expect. As we have seen, i wasn’t the only one who thought of this. Some of you have been very aggressive against these kind of feelings, and even though it’s not something to cry home about because it’s only a teaser, it still did make the web in ways no other teaser music does…

  24. I couldn’t help but comment that Peter Jackson and Howard Shore (and maybe New Line, i’m not sure) negotiated for the rights to Lux Aeterna, to be allowed to change it – in my opinion – for the better, making the song sound more “epic”. Everybody else has covered New Line and Warner Bros., but I think everybody has missed one of the pervading themes within the piece: Death. When most people hear this music, they tend to feel a sense of despair, and The Lord of the Rings fans (of which i am one) remember the death of gandalf. In the trailer, take a look at Henry Caville’s job and lifestyle. The white house i’m assuming is his, doesn’t look very attractive. The Docks are a shamble. The dog, that i am assuming is his, looks all scraggly and underfed. He can’t even hitch hike a ride, and did anyone else notice that he works on a crab fishing boat? I thought the Discovery Channel did a pretty good job with their DEADLIEST Catch series, and this proves it, that the writers and directors and everybody involved with the film chose to have one of the most dangerous and obviously deadly jobs as Caville’s way of upkeep. Everybody who’s watched an episode or two of Deadliest Catch knows how hellish an environment the Bearing Sea can be. When I first saw the teaser, i was a little upset withwhat had been done with LOTR’s score, but when i started reading between the lines of the trailer (or watching between the reels, for us cinephiles), i came to the conclusion that the score was perfectly placed; i felt sympathetic toward Caville, and could imagine the conditions he was living in. I believe that was all that the Man of Steel team was trying to convey, apart from possibly what Phantomspots commented on July 23rd. The whole Warner Bros. – New Line debate aforementioned by other commenters is just marketing. This is my opinion. I hope i’ve stirred a few intellects, or at least the ones who read this.

  25. I really don’t care, I just think it’s a great track and it captures the feel of the trailer and how the movie is probably going to be.

  26. I noticed this as soon as i saw the trailer – just made me want to cry rather than see the film. (Not because they took the music, but more because of the scene with which the track is used in the lord of the rings which is so heartbreaking)

  27. I like the new Superman Trailer and i like the Music, lord of the rngs was a great movie but the licence from the film and music is still by Warner :)

  28. Actually the writer is correct here. There is certain music that comes from particularly movie sequences that is too epic and historic to be placed in other movies. It’s like if they decided to use the Schindlers List theme to make a movie seem more somber. Or can you imagine hearing that god awful Celine Deon song used in any other context? If you watch the LOTR DVD’s you will also know that they went and found the boys choir for that specific song, and one of the boys’ voice was so angelic that they decided to give him a solo for the soundtrack. Special song, special scene, special movie. Doesn’t fit with the garbage Brit-Superman they are trying to pass off as epic.

  29. OP is a cum guzzling phaggot. No one cares, Dr. Butthurt M.D. Howard Shore had to sign off on this before they used it. It probably went something like this:

    “Hey Howard Shore, do you mind if we use the last 1 minute and 15 seconds of “The Bridge of Khazad Dum” for the trailer of the new Superman movie that comes out in over a year?”

    “I dont even give a shit. As long as I get paidz, nigga!”

    “You totally are!”

    “Fuck it. The only one who cares are virgin, basement dweller LOTR fan boys. The worse case is that they flame it on some forgettable interbutts website. The exact amount of people who will care= 0″

    “LOL. Fucking phaggots.”

    Deal with it.

  30. Same studio (Time Warner) they can use whatever music they like wherever they like – I actually think it suits the Man of Steel teaser more than it did in The Fellowship of the Ring

  31. Just because this practice is common and done all of the time does not mean it is right.
    There are millions of other note permutations out there waiting to be discovered.
    A good musician will discover them.
    There’s no need to rehash the same music for different movies.
    Some people are making excuses for a lack of talent.
    If the talent to create original music was there, it would have been used.

  32. Music can be bought as an All Use License and therefore can be used anywhere/anyhow. The original creators are making some extra cash on it, and that’s okay.

    • My issue is not with these guys. Its that there’s some music that is attached to certain scenes forever in movies and they shouldn’t be used. Not because they cant be, but because I feel that they’re to lazy to hire someone to compose a simple 1 minute piece of music. There are many talented young composers that are waiting for a shot and these are the opportunities that coulp perfectly fit for them. But hollywood goes to the easy way out.

  33. I can’t believe this. What my friend is saying is that this was a poor choice on the part of the Man of Steel producers. I recognized the music immeasurably as well-in fact, it took my mind away from the trailer. In the process of trying to make their movie look awesome, they detracted by throwing in a well known aspect of one of the most successful movies of all time. A trailer that ordinarily would have left me saying, “Wow. That looks pretty cool-maybe I’ll go see it,” instead left me saying, “…that’s Lord of the Rings music.” having their own music would have made it way more epic.

  34. I’m a fan of LoTR, I’ve watched all three movies in one sitting several times. And though the scene when Gandalf dies will forever be imprinted in your skull I really don’t think they did any harm.

    People saying that this ruined the entire Man of Steel movie or that it ruined the moment when Gandalf dies has to be the most narrow-minded closed off ignorant people ever. Judging a movie based on a 1 minute trailer with a 1 minute snippet of a song that you like, but you only like it in LoTR; that should be the new definition of ignorant and narrow-minded.

    Sure, they could have hired someone else, they could have given the job to a newcomer but they didn’t; they have free will, shit happens.

    Furthermore, I really thought it fit in with the trailer. It made me wanna see the movie even more. I thought the trailer was a masterpiece, when I first saw it I said to myself “how is the full movie going to top that?!”.

    I’m not trying to hate on someone but if it really ruined the movie or the moment when Gandalf dies then you should really just go sit in a corner for the rest of your life.

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