Top 10 Videogame Franchises

Video games are all about fan boys.   Who loves Nintendo?  Who is a Playstation junkie?  The Xbox crowd?  How bout the new people that are starting to play videogames with their mobile phones?  Reality is, no one brand is better than the others.   Today, we give you the Top 10 best franchises in videogames.  This is, games that have managed to maintain quality and profits through time.   Maybe there is a bad game in the series, but overall they maintain their quality and sell a bunch.    There is no denying that Nintendo has the upper hand as they have been making games longer than anybody else on the current platform bunch, but there are new franchises that have brought a lot of joy to the next generation of gamers.


There was a time that the Pokemon franchise became an industry on its own.  Toys, Cards, Games, Clothing, Cartoons and many more things where part of the Pokemon craze.  At one point the whole PokeIndustry was worth more than the videogame industry!   It was that big.  The games were also pretty good as their quality was reflected in the reviewers scores all around the world.   Nintendo used this franchise as part of their comeback against Microsoft and Sony and it worked.

9.-Street Fighter

Back in the early 90′s when arcades still rulled our world, a game sequel to an unsuccessful fighting game called Street Fighter invaded arcades around the world.  Street Fighter II was an instant success putting kids against adults, girls against boys, character vs character, it was addicting.  Competition was fierce and everybody wanted to prove they were the best.  It started a powerful franchise that still continues to sell to the day.  There have been many sequels to each sequel, and every time it seem another franchise is going to take over as the fighting king (Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat) in comes a new sequel that dethrones them.


Microsoft made an excellent choice in acquiring Bungie as an in house developer as they brought what would have to be considered a weapon that put them on the map as a video game maker.    Halo: Combat Evolved quickly became a hit with its engaging story, great graphics and gameplay and intriguing main character: Master Chief.   What made Halo a bigger hit was its multiplayer mode as it would evolve in to an online experience with Halo 2 that would only be toped by a franchise that is higher on this list.   An awesome series that continues to bring high quality games to the table.  Soon to be released: Halo 4.

7.-Call of Duty

What Halo started was often imitated by others unsuccessfully.   The guys at Infinity Ward finally got it right with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.   Even before that, the WWII franchise had already established itself as a great iteration of the biggest war ever.  As a first person shooter it doesn’t give you anything new, it just does it as good and spectacular as it gets.  When Call of Duty 4 came out, it revolutionized online gaming with its multiplayer frag fest.   To the day it continues to rule as the number 1 online shooter and one of the best selling games of all time.

6.-FIFA Soccer

The biggest videogames sports franchise in the world is also one of the best selling and quality franchises of all time.   The FIFA franchise has been around since the Sega Genesis games when it came out along a four controller adapter for your playing pleasure.   Today it has become in to a monster game that has taken out fierce competition along the way (Konami’s Pro Evolution Series) and expanded its coverage in ways that weren’t dreamt before.  The number of features in this game is so long, its no wonder no one can or will emulate them.

5.-Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear isn’t as popular as say Pokemon, Call of Duty or FIFA, but it’s quality and influence is greater.   Metal Gear is a franchise that started way back in the Nintendo Entertainment System days.   It took some time off in the 16 bit era, but when it came back for the Playstation, it came back with a vengeance.    When it was first introduced at E3, people were shocked at the cinematic greatness that this game presented.  Nothing compared to it.  It was released along The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, simply the best game ever, that is why it lost game of the year, but it was clearly the second best.  The sequels have only upped the cinematic experience often leaving the gamer on its couch just watching the graphical joy that this beast of a game is.

4.-Grand Theft Auto

This series began on PC’s with an over the top view.  Not many liked the original two GTA’s, but when the third game of the series came out for the Playstation 2 it sent a shockwave around the gaming world.   Word quickly spread out of its huge engaging world.  The ability to go haywire and steal, hit, and vandalize the city for no reason had every games talking about it for months.   Sequels to the game have only become better, as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 4 have only increased the size of the world and abilities the main character can do.  This game not only sold well, it broke records.  It was also a critical success as it won Game of the Year many times.   The GTA series single handily created a new game genre.  The open world shooter.

3.-Final Fantasy

If you want to talk about a big time video game franchise that spans the globe, you have to talk about Final Fantasy.  Overseas, whenever this game comes out, lines of fans form in videogame stores to get their precious game.   Final Fantasy has 13 titles in its main franchise with two sequels to the sequels, X-2 and XIII-2.    It also has the Tactics games, Chocobo series, Fighting, Racing and Puzzle games as well as portable versions of its games, along original series; it even has two movies to its credit, including the ultra realistic Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.   Final Fantasy VII single handily brought the RPG genre to America as the game brought out a story that forever will be remembered for the death of one of its main characters, Aeris by the ruthless king of videogame villains, Sephiroth.

2.-Super Mario Bros

Nobody can deny the Power of the Mario franchise.    If a character can name itself as the flag holder of the videogame world it has to be Mario.   Back in the 80′s when Atari had destroyed the industry, Nintendo came out with a game that brought a different objective to its gameplay, save a princess (Games’ only objective was to beat the high score).   Much like Final Fantasy, there are a thousand different games in the Mario franchise, from party games, puzzle, racing, fighting, you name it.   Its main games, have some of the best gameplay ever made and it has revolutionized gaming more than once.     There are classics like Super Mario 3, Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy that will forever be remembered as games to follow.  Its music is also one of the most remembered ever.  Koji Kondo’s soundtrack is also a staple in videogame history.

1.-The Legend of Zelda

Quite possibly the greatest games ever have come out of this franchise.   The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is often called the greatest game of all time.  It tops the list of best rated games ever at Gamerankings.   Games like Zelda A link to the Past, weren’t revolutionary but just had the perfect gameplay.   The sense of adventure you get in this simple yet complex game is one that has rarely been emulated well.   Zelda has made revolutionary additions to videogame gameplay that we take for granted.   It perfected 3D gaming.  It introduced the famed Z-Trigger targeting system.  Puzzles have never been as good as in the temples included in its games.   It simpleness often lies in its charming story line, but it never seems to get old.   It also sells systems quite well.  The Wii benefited from a Zelda Launch title, which helped it explode in to the hands of many.    Shigeru Miyamoto, game guru and creator along with the beautiful score by Koji Kondo have created the masterpiece that others have followed throughout the years.


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Videogame Franchises

    • I originally put Metroid on the number 10 spot but after evaluating it as a Top Franchise it didn’t match up with the rest of the Top 10, specifically in sales. The one I ended putting instead of Metroid, Pokemon, is a far stronger franchise in many ways. Metroid may be a better game and a more influential one but it isn’t as powerful as the rest of the list. Pokemon has a cartoon, a card game following, top selling games in multiple systems, toys, etc. Metroid just can’t compete in this area. MOst games on this list are strong sellers and high quality games. They also have influence in other games as well as multiple style of games. Thats why. As best games of all time, it qualifies right at the top of any list…

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