Is it a comeback?

We often here about the Hollywood comeback, actors and actresses that after achieving great fame go into obscurity and then many years later, the comeback. Some fine examples are Mickey Rourke and John Travolta although John is due for another comeback, but we’ll let our resident movie critic talk about him.

There is a comeback a brewin’ in our culinary world. And for those readers in San Diego you get first try.

Martin San Roman in my opinion is one of the fathers of the neo Mexican culinary movement, 20 years ago before our famous Mexican chefs were on the food network and they wrote articles about them in all the New York newspaper, a classically trained chef came into our world and revolutionized Baja Cuisine. Some say before his time and I agree.

His first famous restaurant was Tour de France a Classic French restaurant that gave many their first taste of classic French cuisine. Exquisite technique and flavor, he had his team at the ready to give us the best service we had ever seen.  After many years and with the Baja real estate market booming he decides in a very logical step to close his restaurant and open in the most beautiful resort in Baja, Real del Mar, a new restaurant Rincon San Roman.

His fame soared internationally, catering to presidents and business moguls he was “THE” chef. And then… tragedy. The market crashes, Baja construction completely stops and real del mar goes under. The investment, the time everything poured into a restaurant that nobody was going to go to. He kept it open in my opinion 2 years too long but at the end it had to be done, Rincon San Roman closes its doors.

He never left his craft for the past 2 years he’s been a favorite of President Calderon to talk around the world about Mexico and its cuisine. He catered and he spoke, and now he’s coming back to restaurants with Candelas in San Diego.

He began as executive chef of Candelas and after a few months he bought the restaurant in June 2012. So now with full reign Martin San Roman is making a menu to impress the most discerning palate. We have yet to try the new menu although it’s in the works. I’m going to be there with our resident food critic fsgirl to truly let our readers know about our experience. But I’m sure that with Martin San Roman and his team of young passionate chefs like Armando Martin del Campo who not only respects but admires his executive, we are in for a treat.

I have never heard of a culinary comeback mostly because to be out of the restaurant world it has more to do with cooking, well at least it used to, this time around it had to do with a recession. The man has skills and now he has the place to showcase them.

Only time will tell if this is a comeback!

See you next week.

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