The Artist’s Point of View: Roof Personality



Something that has grabbed my attention lately in this great capital city is the good use and the advantages that people get from their roofs, mostly old homes or apartment buildings.  I’ve given myself the task of photographing the roofs of these places, some that I’ve visited and others that I’ve lived in.  Each one of them has its own personality, it’s own silent story that is given out a voice through my imagination.

In this picture I captured a oxidized can on top of a Cage that corresponds to one apartment.    By “cage”  I’m referring myself to the space that is assigned to each renter that is used to wash clothes and dry them on the rooftop.   As I looked at the can, I imagined how many years it has been on top of the cage.  Who knows who threw it and god knows what it contained inside when it was in good use.

I continued thinking about the many things that must’ve happened in all the time its been laying there; the many summer rains (as its common here in Mexico City), the fact that nobody has cared of throwing it away, even the apartment’s owner.  Without a doubt its one more decorative item of the roof’s of a great city.   An object that captured my entire attention, I heard a click and the pictured was captured and shared.   Links to my blog and Instagram are given below if you want to follow my pictures and doings in this big city.

Happy Journeys!

Humberto Cuevas


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