Boxing Nation: Garcia destroys Kahn

In what could be called a minor upset, underdog Danny Garcia overcame the odds as he knocked out WBA jr. Welterweight champion Amir “King” Kahn in the fourth round of what many will call a fight of the year candidate. It started out as predicted, Amir Kahn using his superior hand speed and technique to outbox the rugged powerful Puerto Rican. What Amir didn’t expect was the underrated defensive skills Garcia posseses as he picked and rolled with Kahn’s punches in order to land his own looping rights and body shots. The first two rounds belonged to the englishman as he throughtly outboxed the Philadelphian, or at least it appeared that way to the naked eye.

Later we would learn that Danny was timing Kahn and looking to land the big punch that would change the momentum of the fight. We could se glimpses of the end every now and then as Kahn got in to exchanges with his more powerful adversary. Garcia would land a punch everytime Kahn would miss with a looping uppercut. Amir is a gifted athlete with flawed technique, and that makes for exciting matches. Its a rarity this days to find a technitian that is willingto go toe to toe with a stalker to prove his worth, that is why King Kahn has as many fans. As we got to the end of round three a looping left hook would knock down Amir and he would never recover.

The fourth and last round will surely be mentioned as one of the best rounds this year. Garcia stalked Amir throughout the round dropping him twice in route to a stoppage. He didn’t get by without damage as Amir catched him with good uppercuts here and there making every exchange as exciting as it gets. Kahn’s legs were all over the place but his heart was as big as anything and that enabled him to survive and give us a round to remember. This leaves Kahn in limbo as he now lost two fights in a row and has proven to have a glass jaw. For Garcia the future looks bright as he is now the number one 140 pounder in the world today. Yes Lucas Mathysse looks as a better fighter on paper, but he still has yet to fight the fights, and Garcia has just done that.

We now know that Amir has always been a tad overrated and Garcia a little underrated, the question lies in how they’ll behave against more formidable opposition. Will Amir rise up to the ocassion? Will he come back after a devastating KO loss? Remember, he is still only 25 and with the right opponents he may still use his god given talents to have a fructous career. As for Garcia, look for Juan Manuel Marquez, Lamont Petterson, Lucas Mathtysse and Erik Morales to challenge him in bigger fights. He might upset some of them if they underrate him. For Canelo Alvarez and Sergio Martinez, be careful, its the year of the underdog and no opponent is an easy one. This is why we love boxing.

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