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Today we feature a mexican photographer who currently resides in Mexico City, taking photographs of anything that grabs his sight.  He gives us his point of view of what grabs his attention and why.  EnjoyT

* * *

I arrived in Mexico City some months ago with the objective of learning how to use this device called Photo Camera.   Between classes I put myself to the task of walking through the places I’ve lived for the past five months and photograph things that grab my eye.   Doesn’t matter what it is, if something in that particular object makes me stop and just pull the trigger I’ll just shoot it.   Maybe I’ll know what the reason was that it grabbed my attention in order to capture the image later on, or maybe I won’t, the thing is that I won’t question if it’s worth photographing or not.  I wont withhold my curiosity of grasping at living art and make in it part of my collection.  Things sometimes just speak to you in different ways, some of them just say “come on photograph me, you’ll know why you did it later on!”.

I’ll like to discover myself through photography and what I Shoot.  There isn’t a better way to my inside, to everything that sails inside me.  Taking pictures exposes me, it uncovers me, projects instantly forever.   You get what you see.    It’s my past, captured and demonstrated, the instant that becomes permanent.

In this particular picture the very urban nature of the plant itself made me stop and look as well  as the fact that it is a herb i’ve never witnessed before, let alone its beauty.  I was walking by, stopped for a moment, saw it, and immediately shot it.   I have no idea what it’s called, didn’t ask anybody, I just proceeded to my destination.   I hope it stays with you as it has stayed with me.

Humberto Cuevas. 

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