A girl’s point of view

It’s been a while since I told my friend Juan I wanted to write in his internet page because I
love telling stories and writing about silly nonsense I experience. Besides, I’m all for being
the center of attention so I thought I’d be great for me to write in The Republika, but time
went by and I forgot about it. Juan insisted yesterday that I should give it try and dribble
down something I had an opinion on. Something form a girl’s point of view…

I felt in trouble (or deep sh*t if it figures best)!

I mean, of course I’ve got an opinion on everything. Even on things I’m not even asked for
(which gets me in trouble most of the time). But what could I write about that would interest
men?.. I had to ask.

Before leaving work, I asked my peers (all girls!) what they thought would be a good topic
to write you guys about. I got pretty different answers. The first girl, inmediately went
all feminist telling me to write about gender and the whole difference issue. I answered
that it’d be a waste of time to write about something we all know that us women are the
triumphant winners and that we rule, in spite of men not wanting to accept it ever.

Another co-worker said that I should talk about what us girls do in the bathroom everytime
we leave in little groups to our sacred shrine and stay there for at least ten minutes. But
come on, I told her it’s of common knowledge that we go there to get prettier, fix our hair,
put on some gloss and of course, talk about whom ever was left back in the party. So my
third friend said that I should write about what we girls talk about when we get together.
It’s a hackneyed topic I answered. It’s also common knowledge we mostly talk about heart
issues and the stupid way how we all blend love in everthing.

So my last co-worker said why not talk about what you men talk about “Boobs, boogers,
farts, sex and all those icky stuff men like” Somehow I agreed I’d have to write something
of the sort, like about the ability of having sex without falling in love. Suddenly, the first
girl, who also happened to be the shyest and most timid one (apparently), bursted out “Of
course you can!”. You can imagine our laughter on our newly proclaimed sex addict,
hahaha. We all gladly thanked her for being so open about it and publicly admitting
something most of us wouldn’t.

I still have my doubts on that issue..

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep on asking about things you’d love me to write about, but this
time I’m gonna ask you men directly. I can write about any topic like food, trips, music,
movies, bikes, zombies and why not, sex if that’s what you guys want to hear about. Let
me know through your comments and I’ll let you in on our (woman) insight.


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