Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

Watching the trailers for this film didn’t excite me as much as say the new Batman flick or The Avengers. Reseting this franchise didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Why mess with the chemistry between Kristen Dunst and Toby Maguire?   It was a proven franchise with great results at the box office and good reception by the critics.   As I watched this film, I learned why it needed to be redone.   Toby and Kristen are probably too old to represent the young spirit of little old Spidey.  Youngsters will relate a lot more with the new versions of Spiderman and Girl.  This time around we get a up and comer with  Andrew Garfield and a uprising star with Emma Stone.  They work pretty well together even though Emma probably looks a tad older than she should.

The new Spiderman flick works wonders with the new 3D experience that has come to be a new standard with blockbusters these days. Back when the last trilogy of Spiderman movies were released there wasn’t this technology available, so we didn’t get to see what we now know as a match made in heaven with these effects and the character’s nature of flying all over the place with its web.    Now that we get to see the movie in full 3D it makes all the sense in the world to reboot the whole franchise to this new modern times of cinema and fans.

***Spoilers If you have lived in a Cave and Don’t know Spiderman Story***

If you know the story, you mainly know what to expect from the plot.  Not much is different here, Peter Parker gets bitten by a spider, becomes powerful and can stick to walls.  His own carelessness leads to the death of his uncle and one of his mentors/idols becomes his first enemy, The Lizard.     There were some plot twists here and there that I didn’t expect that I won’t put here in words but lets say that some revelations that usually don’t fall in to place the first movie of a series are revealed here.    Other things to watch is the way the story stays closer to the comic than the last set of flicks.   Fans will know what I’m talking about.

As for entertainment value, does it deliver?  I’m afraid it doesn’t do as well as it should, but exceeds my expectations (which were none).  The 3D effects, while not the best I’ve seen (Hugo takes the nod), do a great job in making you feel the sensation of flying like Spiderman.   Sound is also pretty good and it also does a great job in enhancing the cinematic experience.   What I didn’t like is the story itself, it drags a little, and knowing what’s going to happen next doesn’t help a lot.  This story has been told many times, so we need something else to make it entertaining to the old timer like me.    I love a good superhero movie, that is why I did make it to the theaters to watch this flick even though I didn’t have any expectations.

For what its worth, I’m guessing this movie will do well with the young kids who haven’t been exposed to the Spiderman movies.  The director did a pretty good job in promoting its own merchandise during the film (The scene where Spiderman gives a kid he’s saving his mask in order for him to feel powerful, how’s that for a good marketing campaign!).  I can certainly see all the kids this autumn disguising themselves as Spidey in Halloween, and by the numbers that I’m seeing right now, It looks as it will deliver in the box office.  A first weekend of 140 million is a pretty good start for any movie.    It’s a good movie for the young crowd, and a good cinema experience for the older folk.

SCORE 6.0 out of 10.0

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