Don’t believe those iPad rumors just yet


Everybody is now in the business of rumor telling. Most blogs and tech webpages love to create or report on alleged rumors of new iPads coming later this year and so on. The latest rumors say that a new lightet 9.7″ retina display iPad is coming next fall and that it will be presented along the 6 to 8″ iPad mini. This couldn’t sound farther from the truth as Apple has never released to iPad or iPhone models in the same calendar year.

Companies have product cicles. This enables them to get their investment back. There are also third party companies to consider, as they also invest a lot of moneyin design and production of their accessories for Apple’s gadgets. The New iPad has only been in the market for four months and people are already talking of a replacement? Why would they cannibalize their own products? As far as I’m concerned, the only new products we should be talking about are the new iPhone scheduled for release this fall and the rumored retina display iMac, that still sound as something that is probably going to be released until early next year.

Don’t let these blogs and websites fool you in to thinking Apple is suddenly going to change their release schedule. This is a big smart company we’re talking about. They know how to market their products and know the time it takes to actually complete the cicle.

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